NFT Culture Artworks Selling for $1 Million Each – Top 10 NFT Sales

Top 10 NFT Sales oct 11 - 17
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Bored Ape #5199 stole the top spot from artists Matt Kane, Mitchell F. Chan and Alotta Money

Three digital artworks about NFT culture by three different artists sold for more than $1 million each over the past week. These works emphasize the value of on-chain verification of authenticity, while also adding legitimacy to the culture of NFT art. However, the more expansive NFT from the past week has been Bored Ape #5199. 

With a price tag of $1.58 million Bored Ape #5199 was the most expensive NFT over the past week. The sale of the Cyborg Ape solidifies the NFT collection as a potential blue-chip for the years to come. While the developers and the Bored Ape community work on events, games and other objectives on their roadmap, the NFT collection has seen $563 million in NFT trading volume since their launch in early 2021. The spin-off Mutant Ape Yacht Club adds another $289 million to that number, while the Bored Ape Kennel Club has seen $94 million in trading volume. 

However, the most remarkable sales from the past week aren’t the CryptoPunks, Fidenzas or Bored Apes. Two years ago Alotta Money and jivinci made an NFT artwork called Saint Nakamoto, selling it for 11.12 ETH. Avid NFT collector YeahYeah picked it up in February 2021 for 38 ETH, only to sell the artwork over the weekend for 270 ETH or just over $1 million. The buyer is Starry Night Capital, an NFT investment fund we’ve covered before on DappRadar. They also acquired Matt Kane’s CryptoArt Monetization Generation for $1.24 million. Their NFT collection now has a total value of $5.7 million.

Even more remarkable is the sale of Digital Zone of Immaterial Pictorial Sensibility, Series 0, Edition 13. This is one of the first NFT artworks to have even been showcased in a physical gallery, back in 2017. Artist Mitchell F. Chan made the artwork to depict the way artists and collectors need to think about NFT art. It’s worth reading more about this project here.

Top 10 NFT Sales – October 11-17, 2021

  1. Bored Ape #5199 – $1.58 million / 425 ETH – Buyer’s wallet
  2. CryptoArt Monetization Generation – $1.24 million / 320 ETH – Buyer’s wallet
  3. Digital Zone of Immaterial Pictorial Sensibility – $1.19 million / 313 ETH – Buyer’s wallet 
  4. Saint Nakamoto by Alotta Money & jivinci – $1.04 million / 270 ETH – Buyer’s wallet
  5. Fidenza #679 – $774.850 / 200 ETH – Buyer’s wallet
  6. CryptoPunk #6947 – $773.460 / 224.95 ETH – Buyer’s wallet
  7. Splinterlands Land Region – $704.080 / 2.93 million WAX – Buyer’s wallet
  8. Fidenza #854 – $683.630 / 180 ETH – Buyer’s wallet
  9. CryptoPunk #2182 – $677.820 / 175 ETH – Buyer’s wallet
  10. Fidenza #848 – 671.620 / 190 ETH – Buyer’s wallet

Splinterlands sales on Wax

The last NFT sale we want to address is the Splinterlands Land Region Claim NFT. This NFT sold for 2.93 million WAX or $704.080 on the Wax blockchain. Normally NFTs for Splinterlands exist on the Hive blockchain, but users can wrap their NFTs and trade them on the Wax blockchain. The idea is that there’s a lot more liquidity on the Wax blockchain compared with Hive.

Land NFTs will have utility in the future of the Splinterlands trading card game, allowing land owners to harvest resources and make spells and potions. During the presale, which ended in December 2020, players could buy land plots, a tract, or a region. A tract consists of 100 plots, while a region has 1000 plots. The Splinterland Land Region NFT which sold last week gives the owner the rights to claim 1000 land plots once gameplay goes live. 

Until that time, owning Land Claim NFTs boosts the owner’s stake in the daily SPS airdrop. As a result this Splinterlands Land Region NFT gives the new owner passive income paid in SPS tokens. Read more about Splinterlands here.

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