NFT Art Project DeafBeef Traded Over $1,3 Million

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Audiovisual art created using an old laptop and blockchain technology

Computer and blockchain generated audiovisual NFTs in the DeafBeef collection have already generated more than $1,3 million or 628 ETH since their launch four months ago. In the past 24 hours 4 artworks in the collections sold for more than $100,000 each according to DappRadar NFT Sales data.

The creator of the DeafBeaf NFTs has been inspired by other on-chain artworks, like Euler Beats, Art Blocks and Autoglyphs. He started creating them during the COVID pandemic using an old laptop with Linux installed.

He used C as a programming language, and his creation directly outputs raw numerical data encodable to sound and visual media. Each piece is generated at the time of minting from a random hash value, influencing musical elements including tempo, timbre, pitch and time signature. 

Since its inception 118 days ago in March, the creator who goes by the pseudonym 0xDeafBeef, sold 220 NFTs. These NFTs are distributed in series, each series with a limited amount of NFTs. Right now 86 wallets contain one or more NFT from the collection, while the biggest collector owns 17 DeafBeef artworks. In addition you will find XCOPY, Sewer Rats and Neko Cats in their wallet.

Curious about the NFTs? Put on your headphones and check them out

Explanation about on-chain NFTs

An NFT or non-fungible token gives the owner ownership over a digital asset. However, while the NFT provides ownership on the blockchain, the digital asset it connects with can be anywhere. These items can be stored on a centralized server, or using IPFS. In some cases all data from an NFT gets stored on the blockchain itself. This is part of the trend with on-chain generative NFT art.

DappRadar uses this type of knowledge to determine the Asset Strength of an NFT. Head over the your portfolio in our Portfolio Tracker, here you will find your NFT collection once your wallet is connected. Click your favorite NFTs to discover their asset strength. Keep in mind, Asset Strength says nothing about the quality of a project, but only about medium storage.

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