Neymar Purchases 2 BAYC NFTs For Over $1 Million – Top 10 NFT Sales

Neymar Purchases 2 BAYC NFTs For Over $1 Million

The football superstar made a dashing entry into the NFT space

Neymar is among the most popular football players at the moment, and his recent jump into NFT collectibles is no less spectacular. He purchased two Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs in the past seven days, with a total value of $1.12 million. 

While none of Neymar’s Bored Apes made it to the top spot, the footballer dominates last week’s top sales with two entries. Notably, in just several days, Neymar has already created an impressive portfolio containing more than 271 NFTs. Of course, many of these were gifted to the superstar player, as he announced his entry into the space in a tweet on January 20th. 

Neymar ranks among Decentraland NFTs, World of Women and CloneX

  1. Hacker City – $1.19M / 425.000 MANA – bought by anonymous wallet
  2. CryptoPunk #4551 – $710.900 / 220 ETH – bought by Nate Rivers
  3. Bored Ape Yacht Club #5269 – $612.640 / 189.69 ETH – bought by Neymar 
  4. CryptoPunk #4526 – $587.770 / 209 ETH – bought by anonymous wallet
  5. Doodle #5337 – $552.880 / 230 WETH – bought by fren-721.eth
  6. Bored Ape Yacht Club #6633 – $516.120 / 159.99 ETH – bought by Neymar
  7. Woman #706 – $513.050 / 210 ETH – bought by divinefemininity.eth
  8. CloneX #17305 – $493.760 / 177 ETH – bought by nft-galaxy.eth
  9. MusicHub – $457.600 / 160.000 MANA – bought by anonymous wallet
  10. Autoglyphs #108 – $453.840 / 145 ETH – bought by anonymous wallet

Neymar’s foray into the NFT space is definitely the top news from this week’s biggest sales list. However, the most expensive NFT to switch owners is Hacker City, a land plot in Decentraland bought for $1.19 million by an anonymous address. Another Decentraland plot called MusicHub also made the cut, changing owners for $457.600.

This week’s list is completed by CryptoPunk #455, which changed owners for 220 ETH, or $710.900. Additionally, Woman #706 part of the World of Women collection found its new home in divinefmeininity.eth’s portfolio for $513.050. 

An important note regarding this week’s top 10 sales is the influence of LooksRare sales on DappRadar rankings. The marketplace is still attracting hundreds of questionable sales, which have been excluded from this list because of activity closely resembling wash trading practices. Read more about Looks Rare and its recent rise to popularity here

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