New RTFKT NFT Drops Boost Trading Volume 55%


Two new announced drops for CloneX holders

The NFT avatar collection CloneX by RTFKT Studios has received a 55% boost in NFT trading volume this week. Drops of two exclusive NFTs for CloneX holders were announced, sending sales and trading volume up by more than 55% as investors grab an NFT in anticipation of the snapshot taking place on Thursday, February 3. 

In a tweet on February 1, the team announced that holders of Vials, Clones, and SpacePods NFTs needed to get ready for a snapshot taking place on Thursday evening. In a further tweet on February 2, the RTFKT team clarified that two airdrops would be taking place, one for holders of Vials and Clones and a separate one for those holding Pods. This clarification happened after many community members voiced concerns about them being batched together.  


CloneX is a collection of 20,000 randomly generated 3D anime-inspired avatars. This specific collection was created in collaboration with the renowned Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami. Known to collaborate on many fashion-related products, he has gathered a cult following. Just five days after minting, Clone #15920 sold for 289 ETH, or $1.11 million. 

Buy one get one free

As mentioned, a surge in activity can be down to people airdrop hunting. Buying either of the two NFTs from the collections mentioned by Thursday, February 3, will reward holders with a new NFT. Speculators expect that this new item will be as popular as other RTFKT projects. Additionally, NIKE, having bought the brand is not doing it any harm. In one way, it’s a wise move by RTFKT to stimulate trading volume and get more people holding their NFTs. In another way, this method is becoming a standard way to build strong followings in the NFT space. 

NFTs sidestep the crypto crash 

Notably, It’s not just Ethereum NFT collections that are getting attention right now. The entire NFT landscape is seeing a lift. Partly driven by what can be described as a fire sale on NFTs, most priced in native tokens such as SOL, ETH, and BNB, which have lost around 50% of their value in a few months. Investors appear to be gravitating toward blue-chip NFT collections like CryptoPunks, World of Women, and BAYC as stores of value with the potential to beat BTC and ETH regarding percentage gains during a bear market. 

A surge in sales shows that while crypto prices are slumping, peaking activity across the significant marketplaces on Ethereum and other networks like Solana and Tezos point toward NFTs becoming a more established store of value as investors look to weather the impending bear market.

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