New Dapps Report: NFT Collectibles – October Edition

New Dapps Report: NFT Collectibles - October Edition
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The NFT space generated $10.67 billion in trading volume during Q3, a 704% increase from the previous quarter.

The following document belongs to the “New dapps series”, a set of executive reports that intend to provide users with a high-level perspective of recently launched dapps. The report focuses on relevant aspects for any decentralized application such as financial metrics like sales activity and price analysis, distribution metrics like Unique Holders Ratio or the Whale Concentration Index, whales behavioral patterns, and detailed social and technical overviews.

After a record-breaking August month, September was not far behind. In total, the NFT space generated $4.06 billion in trading volume. For this edition of the New Dapps Report, we chose three NFT projects that launched during the last two weeks of September, and have been amongst the top projects in terms of trading volume during that timespan. 

First, we take a look at Anonymice, a project that contains an interesting burning and staking mechanism. Staking MICE generates CHEETH, a token that will be used for breeding purposes. 

Then, we take a look at the GalacticApes, the  next series of pixelated apes that aim to become a complete ecosystem. The GalacticApes will become a complete blockchain game that rewards winners with extra NFTs. But for that, you’ll need to  recruit a monkey crew first. 

Finally, we take a look at Peaceful Groupies, a collection of 10,000 generative NFTs that have one of the most attractive art concepts recently launched. In addition, the Groupies will become a key to festivals in the Metaverse. To learn more about these interesting projects, continue reading below. 

Please, do not consider this document as financial advice. Data updated on Oct 5, 2021.

Table of Contents

Key Takeaways

  • The three dapps in review generated $75.73 million in sales volume, with almost half of it occurring during the last 7 days. 
  • Anonymice have reached 10 Ξ floor with an innovative concept that includes staking and token yielding.
  • GalacticApes floor price is 3,250% up from the minting price, the collection has been widely sought out after the game mechanics were publicly announced.
  • Peaceful Groupies demand has been on the rise, reaching more than 14,000 traders in its three weeks of existence.


Blockchain: Ethereum

Launch date: Sep 16, 2021

Edition size: 10,000 (3,500) – Limited Collection (in existence)


Attributes: 56

“No website, no IPFS, no API, no royalties. Just code.” Anonymice is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated pixelated mice. The first 2,000 pieces were available to mint for free + gas. The next 8,000 pieces could only be minted by the original Mice holders by either burning the original Mouse to claim a newly minted in exchange, or by staking the original Mouse to yield CHEETH which could be spent to mint a new Mouse.

At the time of writing, 6,450 were burned, reducing the existing supply to just 3,550 Mice. In addition, 3,359 Mice or 94.6% of the remaining Mice have been locked into the staking contract. 

Added Utility

Anonymice is a project that entails high utility standards for their owners. Starting with the passive income generated by CHEETH. Each staked Mice yields 1 CHEETH per day. Although as of now, the only use of CHEETH was to mint more Mice, it appears that it will be part of another important utility process.

In addition to the CHEETH yield, Anonymice will offer breeding. Two Mice will be allowed to breed, and the NFT owner needs to pay a breeding fee in CHEETH. The breeding parents will be locked in a breeding contract for a certain given time. The process is similar to the one seen in Kongz. The team will announce more details in the near future.

Financial Overview

The Anonymice minting period lasted only four days. Once the full mechanics of the project made it to the public, the project was highly sought out. A proof is the rising floor price. In a matter of less than three weeks, the floor price has reached 10 Ξ, a milestone number that just a few projects have reached.

In terms of volume, the project has been selling well despite the soaring prices. It has generated over $23.3 million in volume in just 20 days. Whilst the project does not boast high-end volumes as other collections, it is still an impressive number considering the low supply.

  • Mint Price: #0–1999: Free to mint

#2000–3999: 1 $CHEETH to mint 1 mouse

#4000–5999: 2 $CHEETH to mint 1 mouse

#6000–7999: 3 $CHEETH to mint 1 mouse

#8000-#9999: 4 $CHEETH to mint 1 mouse

  • Floor market cap: $120,436,729.30
  • Current Floor Price: 9.991 Ξ 
  • Average sale price: 1.9837 Ξ 
  • Highest sale: Anonymice #9470 for 33 Ξ / $111,047.29
  • Initial revenues: Not disclosed
  • Unique holders (ratio):  1,001 (28.19%) – 860 unique wallets staking + 141 Mice holders
  • Total Volume: $23,327,507 / 7,067.8 Ξ
  • 7 day volume: $3,856,204
  • Buyers vs Sellers ratio: 1.025 (2,180 / 2,120)
  • Traders: 3,686 
  • Secondary market royalty: 0.0%
  • Token: MICE 
Source: DappRadar

Social Awareness and Engagement 

As with the financial aspect, the community numbers may not seem as armstrong at first glance. However, the Anonymice community seems very bonded and integrated already. As a project with a low number of holders, the community is progressing quite fast.

The Mice community is building fully on-chain derivative projects to make the project more visible to the rest of the space. In addition, there is already a real-life event in the plans, as well as a dedicated gallery in Somnium Space and multiple websites, like an ID tracker and a marketplace that is in its beta version. 

  • Twitter followers: +4,500
  • Discord members: 9,550
  • Announced collaborations: None

Team Overview 

The project was created by two anonymous devs. Going accordingly with the name. Whilst it is far from ideal, the team has made  their intentions clear by not implementing any royalty fees. This project has been made  for the NFT space. 

“We are a team of 2 and please remember we didn’t charge anything for these and we aren’t charging any royalties on OpenSea. We built this because we love NFTs and wanted to show off what was possible.”

  • Creator: Anonymous
    • Team: none

Technical Overview

The  technical aspect is strong in the Anonymice collection. The project is 100% on-chain and the minting process, as well as the burning and staking, are hosted on the contracts directly. 

  • Audit status: no audits committed yet
  • Storage:  Anonymice NFTs are stored as ERC-721 tokens and hosted on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Contract address: 0xbad6186e92002e312078b5a1dafd5ddf63d3f731

Whale Wallet Analysis

Like the calculation of the holders ratio, the whale analysis was not as straightforward as in other projects. After looking into the staking contract, we can see 860 different addresses. With the top 5 holding 103 pieces in total. The Whale Concentration Index is low, lowering the risk of market manipulation. 

  • Whale concentration ratio: 2.90% – 103 pieces


Blockchain: Ethereum

Launch date: Sep 26, 2021

Edition size: 9,999  – Limited Collection


Attributes: 188

GalacticApes is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated pixelated images of Apes. There are three main types of Apes with different rarity levels. The “Little Ape” head seems to be the most valuable attribute. The project sold out in 7 minutes despite a stealth drop, meaning no social media or marketing promotions were performed. 

The GalacticApes project will include a game mechanism called Missions and the ecosystem is expected to eventually become part of the metaverse. A subsequent collection consisting of the space crew will be dropped as phase two, unlocking the Missions phase. 

Added Utility

As previously mentioned, one of the most important aspects of the GalacticApes ecosystem will be the in-game Missions. To complete these missions, owners will need to assemble a crew formed by monkey companions. These crew monkeys will be available to claim on a 1:1 ratio to GalacticApe owners. 

Adding into the utility factor, missions will grant NFT rewards. In addition, if needed, crew monkeys will be available to rent from other owners. This rent model will become a source to generate passive income.

Financial Overview

Despite not being a hyped collection, the GalacticApes sold out in a matter of minutes and have already generated over $30 million in less than 10 days since launching. The low mint price allowed early investors to position themselves in line for good profits. Investors who could access the mint phase are at least 3,250% in profit according to the latest floor price. Furthermore, the floor price has been on a steady rise. 

The collection is relatively concentrated, as per the low holders ratio. However, that situation will probably change once the monkey crew are dropped to current GalacticApe owners.

  • Mint Price: 0.08 Ξ
  • Floor market cap: $90,994,051.68
  • Current Floor Price: 2.68 Ξ (+3,250% from mint price)
  • Average sale price: 0.9278 Ξ (+1,059% from mint price)
  • Highest sale: Galactic Ape #4241 for 20 Ξ (+1,059% from mint price) / $68,369.89
  • Initial revenues: +799 Ξ 
  • Unique holders (ratio):  3,576 (35.77%)
  • Total Volume: $30,155,941 / 10,960.02 Ξ
  • 7 day volume: $22,511,802
  • Buyers vs Sellers ratio: 1.647 (6,950 / 4,220)
  • Traders: 9,291 
  • Secondary market royalty: Unknown
  • Token: GALAPE
Source: DappRadar

Social Awareness and Engagement 

In ecosystems that involve gaming mechanics to any extent, the social aspect becomes even more relevant. The Discord community jumped from just 700 members at the time of launch to more than 24,000. That represents a 3,400% increase in 10 days. The social engagement in Twitter is also on the rise, consolidating the project in the two most important social networks in the NFT space. 

  • Twitter followers: +4,500
  • Discord members: +24,150
  • Announced collaborations: None

Team Overview 

GalacticApes were created by Wess Moseley under the name “Space Apes” in March 2021. Yet due to trademark potential issues and to develop the concept further, GalacticApes were born. Wess is an intense NFT enthusiast and was highly influenced by CyberKongz and DystoPunks for the project’s concept. Michael Zen, the project’s main developer, completes the two man team.

  • Creator: Wess Moseley
    • Team: Michael Zen (developer)

Technical Overview

As for the majority of the NFT projects, the metadata is stored on central servers and hosted on Ethereum through IPFS. Not ideal, but the IPFS are working properly. 

  • Audit status: no audits committed yet
  • Storage:  GalacticApes NFTs are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS for immutable ownership.
  • Contract address: 0x12d2D1beD91c24f878F37E66bd829Ce7197e4d14

Whale Wallet Analysis

GalacticApes has a decent concentration ratio. Despite the heavy correlated game mechanics that will allow GalacticApe holders to recruit their crew.  

It also appears that their investors are somewhat new to the space. From the top 5 whales, we can only identify holdings in recently launched collections like Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Anonymice and Groupies.  

  • Whale concentration ratio: 5.01% – 501 pieces

Peaceful Groupies

Blockchain: Ethereum

Launch date: Sep 15, 2021

Edition size: 10,000  – Limited Collection

Traits: 10 

Attributes: 190

The Peaceful Groupies is a collection that consists of 10,000 hand drawn and randomly generated NFTs. The art is one of the main components of the collection. Groupies have two main rarity levels, 9,990 groupies and 10 icons. 

The collection sold out in a matter of hours and the minting process was smooth, despite the use of Dutch auctions.

Added Utility

As of now, there is no official roadmap for this project. This may seem as an evident flaw now that utility has become so relevant in the NFT space. However, it seems that the Groupies will arrive in the Metaverse in the form of festival companions. This goes in hand with the collection’s psychedelic concept. The concern will go away once the official roadmap is announced, which is expected before the end of the year.

Financial Overview

The Peaceful Groupies have generated over $22 million in their first three weeks of existence. The floor price has been rising constantly during the last 10 days to surpass 1.5 ETH. The art and the rarity of certain pieces are more than certainly to net high sales. For instance, the asking price for Groupie #2835  is 100 ETH and for some reason, it doesn’t seem exaggerated. 

Another positive indicator is the number of traders, which shows an increasing demand for the collection. Perhaps the main drawback from a financial perspective is the low unique holders, which is below average in important 10K collections. 

  • Mint Price: 2 Ξ to 0.06 Ξ Dutch auction
  • Floor market cap: $53,311,548.00
  • Current Floor Price: 1.57 Ξ 
  • Average sale price: 0.5027 Ξ 
  • Highest sale: Groupie #7265 for 30 Ξ / $87,871.92
  • Initial revenues: +799 Ξ 
  • Unique holders (ratio):  3,755 (37.55%)
  • Total Volume: $22,251,060 / 7,352.27 Ξ
  • 7 day volume: $10,965,144
  • Buyers vs Sellers ratio: 1.202 (9,054 / 7,533)
  • Traders: 14,525 
  • Secondary market royalty: 2.5%
  • Token: GROUPIE
Source: DappRadar

Social Awareness and Engagement 

Despite being on the market for only 3 weeks, the project already has a consolidated community in the Peacevoid. The Peacevoid will be important for the collection as the project wants to be active in real-life and metaverse events. In Discord there are some interesting channels that are worth visiting, especially those that focus on how to grow certain types of plants.

  • Twitter followers: +8,670
  • Discord members: +12,700
  • Announced collaborations: None

Team Overview 

Yon Frula is the artist and creator behind the Groupies. He seems to be engaged with the NFT space for a while and is also the creator behind unique and creative NFT art pieces that can be found on Superrare.

  • Creator: Yon Frula
    • Team: Unknown

Technical Overview

As for the majority of the NFT projects, the metadata is stored on central servers and hosted on Ethereum through IPFS. Not ideal, but the IPFS are working properly. 

  • Audit status: no audits committed yet
  • Storage:  Groupies NFTs are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS for immutable ownership.
  • Contract address: 0x4f89Cd0CAE1e54D98db6a80150a824a533502EEa

Whale Wallet Analysis

The Peaceful Groupies whales have an interesting reach. Two of them have considerable bags of GalacticApes, whereas three of them have nice Art Blocks collections. One of the whales owns 22 CyberKongz, whilst another one holds 122 CryptoKitties.

All in all, it is positive to see experienced and wealthy wallets amongst the top holders for a certain collection. 

  • Whale concentration ratio: 6.36% – 636 pieces


Another run of interesting projects to close out September. First Anonymice. It appears that this may have come out of nowhere, but the project was widely advised in advance on CyberKongz and CryptoPunks Discord channels. This highlights once again the importance of these communities. The project is derivative free joining the likes of CryptoPunks and Loot for Adventurers. Although it has not produced the tumultuous volumes seen in other collections, which is a direct effect of the reduced supply. This feels like another ground-breaking project backed up with the burning/staking mechanism. No surprise to see the floor price already at 10 Ξ. 

Galactic Apes may seem like a space variety of CyberKongz, but the project is different from the Kongz, although inspired by it. The game mechanism of the Galactic Apes ecosystem adds an intriguing factor, especially after understanding the role of the upcoming monkey crews. The utility factor might become one to follow, as it will not only involve an airdrop, but also NFT rewards from completing game missions. In addition, renting the crew members will add an economic aspect to this ecosystem. 

Finally Groupies. The art is certainly one of the most eye-catchy in the space. Whilst the utility or brand concepts are not as strong as in other projects, we expect an announcement of a roadmap sooner than later. Furthermore, the whale analysis is a positive indicator as it seems that important collectors are invested in the project.

The above does not constitute investment advice. The information given here is purely for informational purposes only. Please exercise due diligence and do your research. The writer holds positions in ETH, BTC, ADA, MATIC, SOL, AVAX, DOT, KSM, XTZ, LUNA, UNI, SUSHI, xSUSHI, ORN, AKRO, KNCL, EGLD, BAT, CRO, SHIB, LINK, BAND, BNB, CAKE, OOE, DNXC, DPET, TVK, POLS, POLK, RAMP, XED, AXS, SPS and owns collections like NBA Top Shot, CyberKongz VX, Ghxsts, Cool Cats, RSoP, SupDucks, Legendz, Punks Comic, Metahero Universe, Pixel Vault DAO, Avastars, Dogs Unchained, CryptoKitties, VeVe NFTs and 1/1 art pieces.

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