New Dapps Report: NFT Collectibles – August Edition

new dapps report august
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An executive view on new dapps, with this time; RSOP, Stoner Cats, SupDucks, Vogu and World of Women

The following document belongs to the “New dapps series”, a set of executive reports that intend to provide users with a high-level perspective of new coming dapps. The document focuses on aspects that are relevant for any decentralized application including financial, social, technical and if applicable, tokenomics as well. 

Note: In this document we will refer to the Holders ratio. This is the percentage of a collection’s different unique holders compared to the edition size.

Please, do not consider this document as financial advice. 
Data updated on: Aug 11, 2021

Table of Contents

Key takeaways

  • RSOP boasts a low holders ratio of just 15.39% mainly driven by the exclusive prizes and the dynamics of competitions, still the added utility and social/community factors have driven prices as high as $175,000.
  • Despite early miscues in the project’s launch, Stoner Cats generated over $11.8 million in total volume while reaching 3,610 unique owners; still it has a low floor to mint price increase (only 40% increase vs 200% increase from RSOP and 742% increase for Vogu).
  • Although SupDucks sales volume may not be as impressive as for other collections (over $7.1 million in total sales volume), the floor price reached 0.35 Ξ for 2,300 unique owners; SupDucks have become as expensive as 75 Ξ or $235,026.
  • The Vogu Collective has been sold on average for 1.34 Ξ during the last 7 days whilst creating more than $15.8 million in total volume; this represents almost 30% of Vogu’s total sales volume.
  • World of Women has generated the 6th highest volume across Ethereum NFT collections in the last 7 days with over $12.53 million, 77% of the project’s total sales volume.

Royal Society of Players (RSoP)

Blockchain: Ethereum
Launch date: Jul 22, 2021
Edition size: 10,000 – Genesis Limited Collection (2nd generation collection is expected)
Traits: 7
Attributes: 88

Royal Society of Players (RSoP) is an unmatched collection of 10,000 hand-made playing cards designed by Oban Jones. The collection consists of 192 decks plus 16 Jokers. Each and every single card differs from one another avoiding replicas. 

Added Utility

One of the collection’s differentiators is the membership into the RSoP. Each card holder will be entitled to participate in special contests, raffles and giveaways, along with access to an exclusive community that will host global events and real world experiences. For instance,  card owners will have access to private poker and card tournaments with “Cash Grand Prices”. The first global meetup is tentatively scheduled for August 18 at New York City, while a meeting in London is also in the plans. 

The exclusive giveaways that happen on Discord add an extra value. The giveaway prizes include a monthly Z3 ZED Run horse valued at around 0.5 E, DoorDash gift cards, and NBA official jerseys.

The breeding and cloning for the second generation decks will be available for free (plus gas) for Genesis holders. 

In addition, Players will also be able to span into the metaverse, where according to the project’s roadmap, a Royal Treasury Headquarters or a ZED Run stable are amongst the future plans.

Financial overview

RSoP looks more than financially stable. Holders who could access the mint, have at least 200% in profits. Although the collection’s floor price has not skyrocketed, it is constantly trending upwards. The sales volume may not look as impressive as for other collections, which may be caused by the project’s weak demand (0.775 buyers ratio). Nevertheless, the  average price would net early investors 489% revenue on average, and unique pieces are getting valued as high as $235,000. 

  • Mint Price: 0.08 Ξ
  • Current Floor Price: 0.24 Ξ (+200% from minting price)
  • Average sale price: 0.4709 Ξ (+489% from minting price)
  • Highest sale: Joker #5552 for 70 Ξ (+87,400% from minting price) / $235,026
  • Estimated revenues: +800 Ξ
  • Unique holders (ratio*): 1,539 (15.39%)
  • Total Volume: $5,129,700 / 2,057.46 Ξ
  • 7 day volume: $901,830
  • Buyers vs Sellers ratio: 0.775 ( 2,070/ 2,670)
  • Traders: 4,740 (+27% increase in the last 7 days) 
  • Secondary market royalty: 5%
Source: CryptoSlam

Social awareness and engagement 

The community is probably the strongest factor of the collection. The Discord channel is really active and is the go to place to learn about competitions and events announcements. The global meetups that are expected to happen in important cities like Las Vegas, Chicago, Frankfurt and Singapore add a really interesting layer to the project. Although the social reach is not spectacular, the community seems to be bonded. 

Once the metaverse is really established, the expectation is that RSoP will become the VIP platform where NFT enthusiasts can span between the real world and The Sandbox or Decentraland, depending on the metaverse of choice. 

  • Twitter followers: 4,087
  • Discord members: 3,877
  • Announced collaborations: Although no crossovers have been announced, the RSoP includes monthly ZED Run giveaways and intends to own a ZED Run stable in The Sandbox or Decentraland.
Source: Brand24

Team overview 

ZK85, the project’s founder, is quite active in the NFT space. In the business landscape, Zeev Klein is known for his work on technology and social innovation startups. The project seems well planned and adding a well renowned designer like Oban Jones made RSoP, one of the most anticipated drops of the summer.

  • Creator: Zeev Klein aka ZK85
    • Team: Unknown apart from designer Oban Jones

Technical overview

So far, the project hasn’t been involved in any type of technical incident. Although the smart contracts are not audited yet, the collection follows the leading practices in regards to the assets storage. Whilst it is not ideal to have unaudited contracts, NFTs do not require the security level necessary  in DeFi dapps. 

  • Audit status: no audits committed yet
  • Storage:  Royal Society Players cards are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS for immutable ownership.
  • Contract address: 0xB159F1a0920A7f1D336397A52D92da94b1279838

Whale wallet analysis

The whale concentration for RSoP is lower than expected (9.05%). It looks like the cards are well distributed among owners which bodes well for the collection’s mechanics. Nonetheless, the holders ratio is still below average. 

It is worth noting that two of the whales wallets own two of the most unique Jokers including #5552. It also appears that RSoP collectors have a diversified portfolio and a preference for Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), since 4 of the 5 wallets own at least one Ape. 

  • Whale concentration ratio: 9.05% – 905 pieces

Stoner Cats

Blockchain: Ethereum
Launch date: Jul 27, 2021
Edition size: 10,420 – 3,000 additional pieces expected to be released during the series first season
Traits: 10
Attributes: 377

Stoner Cats is a collection of 10,420 pieces. The project was created by Hollywood stars Mila Kunis and Asthon Kutcher based on the characters of an animated show under the same name. The animated shorts premiered on July 29 starring Mila and Asthon along with Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin and celebrities Chris Rock, Jane Fonda and Seth MacFarlane. 

Although the project started on the wrong foot, it was able to keep the level of interest intact. Stoner Cats will donate 1% of initial revenue plus Vitalik’s full salary to a non-profit Alzheimer’s organization.

Added Utility

A very detailed roadmap highlights the expected utilities for TOKE holders. Firstly, only Stoner Cats owners will have complete access to the animated series. Also, holders will receive governance votes to decide on different subjects like merchandising and the allocation to non-profit organizations.

Moreover, there is intention to create a DAO along with Big Head and Orchard Farms that will focus on creating at least one more digital project. 

Financial overview

Barring the lost gas fees of the failed first drop, the collection’s high mint price significantly reduced the revenue window for early investors. In this way, the floor price has remained almost stagnant, especially compared to other recent projects like the ones covered in this report.

On the other hand, the Stoner Cats project seems to be widely accepted (1.464 buyers ratio) and has amassed over $11.8 million in total sales volume. 28.5% of that amount was generated over the last 7 days. 

  • Mint Price: 0.35 Ξ
  • Current Floor Price: 0.49 Ξ (+40% from minting price)
  • Average sale price: 0.9471 Ξ (+170.6% from minting price)
  • Highest sale: Ms. Stoner #3020 for 70 Ξ (+14,186% from minting price)
  • Estimated revenues: +3,500 Ξ
  • Unique holders (ratio): 3,610 (34.65%)
  • Total Volume: $11,825,845 / 4,748.67 Ξ
  • 7 day volume: $3,377,966
  • Buyers vs Sellers ratio: 1.464 (3,268/ 2,232)
  • Traders: 5,500 (+20% increase in the last 7 days)
  • Secondary market royalty: 2.5%
  • Token: TOKEn
Source: CryptoSlam

Social awareness & engagement 

The community of Stoner Cats is already established. The social reach for the project is an asset funnelling more than 10,000 members on Twitter and Discord each. The latter has become a point of contact between the creators and fans. As previously mentioned, Stoner Cats still remains amongst the most traded collections as of lately.  

  • Twitter followers: 11,123
  • Discord members: 10,690
  • Announced collaborations: None
Source: Brand24

Team overview 

Stoner Cats’ team is easily its biggest strength and one of the most famous teams in the NFT space. Stacked with Hollywood celebrities and Vitalik Buterin himself, the team can only improve when more celebrities are added to the cast.

  • Creator: Mila Kunis
    • Team: Ashton Kutcher, Vitalik Buterin, Chris Rock, etc.

Technical overview

Most of the headlines produced by the project were negative at first. Due to technical issues in the minting process, the drop left thousands of dollars lost in failed gas fees. However, the sale happened the next day without further complications. Perhaps the only concern at the moment is the almost inaccessible information in regards to their storage methods.

  • Audit status: no audits committed yet
  • Storage:  Not specified.
  • Contract address: 0xD4d871419714B778eBec2E22C7c53572b573706e

Whale wallet analysis

Analyzing the top 5 token holders, we calculate a 12.62% concentration ratio. The ratio is high when compared to blue-chip projects like Bored Apes Yacht Club (BAYC) and CryptoPunks (around 4% and 9% respectively). However, for more extensive collections like Avastars (21%) it remains in a good position.

It is also interesting to see that 3 out of the 5 wallets have also invested in BAYC. One of them holding as many as 58 Bored Apes. Two collectors have also invested in Meebits and CryptoPunks, whilst another wallet is also one of Vogu’s whales.  

  • Whale concentration ratio: 12.62% – 1,315 pieces


Blockchain: Ethereum
Launch date: Jul 17, 2021
Pieces: 10,000 – Limited Collection
Attributes: 6
Traits: 225

SupDucks consist of 10,000 unique duck avatar pieces that were created by a custom generative algorithm. The collection was widely sought out and sold out in a matter of hours. The story behind the colorful project goes back to 2016 when renowned artist and NFT entrepreneur, Franky Aguilar, aka Frankynines, imagined the first SupDuck.

Added Utility

At the moment, there are no outstanding utilities that can be observed. However, if the roadmap goes accordingly to planned, SupDuck owners can expect multiple rewards. Discounts on future merchandise, a SupDuck based mobile application, an animated series and a breed-like feature are among the utilities expected for the near future. 

Financial overview

The SupDucks sales activity has been quite variable. The variable minting prices gave investors several options that are uncommon in this type of projects and allowed early enthusiasts to increase their window revenue.

The project started with strong sales volumes, just to consolidate as the days passed. Yet SupDucks have generated more than $7.14 million in total sales volume with 30.75% ($2.19 million) coming in the last 7 days. And while the floor price has not soared as in other avatar projects, the most unique ducks have been traded in the range of mid-tier BAYC (75 Ξ), a promising sign for the collection’s outlook. 

  • Mint Price: 0.1 Ξ for 1 duck; 0.08 Ξ for 3 ducks and 0.07 Ξ for 10 ducks
  • Current Floor Price: 0.35 Ξ (+250% from highest minting price)
  • Average sale price: 0.9471 Ξ (+170.6% from minting price)
  • Highest sale: GalacticDuck for 75 Ξ (+74,900% from minting price) / $235,026
  • Estimated revenues: +833.3 Ξ
  • Unique holders (ratio): 2,300 (34.65%)
  • Total Volume: $7,144,669.97 / 3,261.87 Ξ
  • 7 day volume: $2,196,983.04
  • Buyers vs Sellers ratio: 1.152 (3,866/ 3,355)
  • Traders: 7,221 (12% increase in the last 7 days)
  • Secondary market royalty: 2.5%
  • Token: SD
Source: CryptoSlam

Social awareness & engagement 

The community of SupDucks is a positive factor. The social reach granted by Twitter and Discord is vast with more than 10,000 members respectively. Moreover, Twitter followers have adopted the profile picture flexing their respective ducks. Whereas on Discord, the community is quite connected, and seem to be very enthusiastic about the Intellectual Property coming from their NFTs. The growth and activity within social channels might be a key indicator to long term success. 

  • Twitter followers: 10,723
  • Discord members: 10,079
  • Announced collaborations: None
Source: Brand24

Team overview 

Besides the art, the SupDucks team is one of its core advantages. Frankynines has collaborated with the likes of Major Lazer and Steve Aoki and is well surrounded by a talented team. Franky co-founded Nameless, a startup that enables open source code and SDK tools to developers and brands that are looking to develop further into the blockchain industry. 

Technical overview

From the technical perspective, the SupDucks project does not raise any alarm other than the lack of audited contracts..

  • Audit status: no audits committed yet
  • Storage: SupDucks are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted via IPFS.
  • Contract address: 0x3Fe1a4c1481c8351E91B64D5c398b159dE07cbc5

Whale wallet analysis

The whale concentration for SupDucks is not ideal (15.88%) but it’s far from being considered a risk. The Top 5 wallets have also invested in blue-chip NFT collections like BAYC, Meebits and Avastars which bodes well for the project’s investment perspective. 

The Vogu Collective

Blockchain: Ethereum
Launch date: Jul 27, 2021
Pieces: 7,777
Attributes: 13
Traits: 168
Holders (ratio): 2,552 (32.8%)

The Vogu Collective are 7,777 unique robot avatars that are part of a larger Vogu metaverse which is currently under development.  Similar to the Stoner Cats incident, the Vogu Collective experienced technical difficulties at the launch date. Nevertheless, The Vogu Collective was sold out in a matter of hours the day after.

Added Utility

While there are no known utilities that can be redeemed at the moment, The Vogu Collective has a well established roadmap. The team is currently developing a metaverse that promises to tell a compelling story about these robots. The Vogu metaverse is expected to include additional characters, animated media, merchandise and future collaborations. 

Financial overview

The Vogu Collective have been well traded since the launch. The accessible minting prices would allow early investors to position themselves with at least a 740% profit. The floor price has constantly increased getting as high as 0.6 Ξ. During the last 7 days, they have generated the 14th highest sale volume in Ethereum collections amassing more than 1,500 Ξ. 

  • Mint Price: 0.07 Ξ 
  • Current Floor Price: 0.589 Ξ (742.86% from minting price)
  • Average sale price: 0.7593 Ξ (+984.71% from minting price)
  • Highest sale: Fat Baby for 26.37 Ξ (37,571%) / $61,199 
  • Estimated revenues: +544 Ξ
  • Unique holders (ratio): 2,552 (32.8%)
  • Total Volume: $15,814,845.33 / 6,326.89 Ξ
  • 7 day volume: $4,524,453.12
  • Buyers vs Sellers ratio: 1.374 ( 4,698/ 3,419)
  • Traders: 8,117 (+20% increase in the last 7 days) 
  • Secondary market royalty: 2.5%
  • Token: VGT
Source: CryptoSlam

Social awareness & engagement 

The Vogu Collective social reach is impressive. On Twitter, there have even been some comparisons between the Vogu metaverse  and  the Star Wars franchise. Whereas on Discord, the audience seems engaged and there is a true feeling of a Vogu minded community. 

  • Twitter followers: 12,288
  • Discord members: 8,600
  • Announced collaborations: None 
Source: Brand24

Team overview 

The Vogu Collective team seems solid overall. With experts in the key aspects of an NFT project, Vogu has managed to generate a very positive impression in the space. Furthermore, despite suffering a setback in the launch date, the team responded as expected during the incident.   

Technical overview

The project postponed its launch date due to a technical issue related to the API service. It is difficult to believe that two important collections suffered the same fate with no relation whatsoever. Otherwise, the metadata is stored accordingly via IPFS although it seems that some tokens don’t precisely match their hashes. Nothing too serious that is expected to be solved once the project evolves. 

  • Audit status: no audits committed yet
  • Storage: Vogus are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted via IPFS.
  • Contract address: 0x18c7766a10df15df8c971f6e8c1d2bba7c7a410b

Whale wallet analysis

The whale concentration in The Vogu Collective is relatively high considering the collection’s size. The top 5 VGT holders own 978 pieces or 12.58% of the entire collection. Whilst it’s not something that raises any flag, it will be healthy for the project to reach more collectors. 

Two of Vogu’s whales also have significant Stoner Cats pieces, whilst another wallet seems to be invested in Meebits. It seems that investors that were looking for opportunities during the last week of July agree on the project’s perspective.

  • Whale concentration ratio: 12.58% – 978 pieces

World of Women

Blockchain: Ethereum
Launch date: Jul 27, 2021
Pieces: 10,000
Traits: 11
Attributes: 189
Holders (ratio): 3,236 (32.36%)

The World of Women (WoW) is a collection consisting of 10,000 randomly generated avatars portraying diverse and unique Women. On top of very captivating art, the project itself entails a very positive social impact. 2.5% of all primary sales were donated to three different non-profit organizations. The roadmap is very detailed and the utilities for the holders are well planned. 

Added Utility

Besides the commercial royalties typical of premiere NFT collections, World of Women has three different tiers to reward owners that have one of the three exclusive traits. These rewards vary from half of all secondary market royalties (2%), a governance vote in the WoW fund (a space fully committed in crypto art investments) or 50% of the profits generated by the same WoW art fund. 

Financial overview

WoW NFTs have been actively traded in secondary markets. Over the last 7 days, it is the 6th highest Ethereum NFT collection in terms of sales volume, surpassing the likes of Veefriends, Cool Cats and Bored Apes Kennel Club. During this 7 day span, the  collection generated 77.34% of its total volume. 

Moreover, the rewards for early investors are staggering. The current floor price is constantly increasing getting as high as 0.6 Ξ and is 1,171.43% higher than the minting price. The accessible minting prices would allow early investors to position themselves with at least a 740% profit. 

  • Mint Price: 0.07 Ξ 
  • Current Floor Price: 0.89 Ξ (+1,171.43% from highest minting price)
  • Average sale price: 0.8267 Ξ (+1,081.6% from minting price)
  • Highest sale: Women#6025 for 60 Ξ (+85,614% from minting price) / $183,831
  • Estimated revenues: +700 Ξ
  • Unique holders (ratio): 3,244 (32.44%)
  • Total Volume: $16,201,206 / 5,900 Ξ
  • 7 day volume: $12,530,125.12
  • Buyers vs Sellers ratio: 1.069 (5,122/ 4,796)
  • Traders: 9,918 (16% increase in the last 7 days)
  • Secondary market royalty: 4% (2% for creators & 2% for the Royalties Club)
  • Token: WOW
Source: CryptoSlam

Social awareness & engagement 

The community factor looks already established for the WoW collection. Twitter followers have been increasing constantly and Discord channels are quite active as well. Having a social media reach of plus 10,000 on the two most important social media platforms, is the right step.

In addition, having BAYC influencers may boost the social aspect of the project in upcoming months.

  • Twitter followers: 10,471
  • Discord members: 9,643
  • Announced collaborations: Although there is no official collaboration whatsoever, the core team appears to be very engaged with BAYC 
Source: Brand24

Team overview 

The World of Women team is well balanced and complete. Yam Karai, a digital artist and illustrator, is the person behind the art creation. She has been involved in women empowerment and diversity initiatives that relate accordingly with the project’s mission. 

Technical overview

Although the contracts haven’t been publicly audited by a certified entity yet, the metadata is stored accordingly via IPFS. 

  • Audit status: no audits committed yet
  • Storage: WoW are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted via IPFS.
  • Contract address: 0xe785e82358879f061bc3dcac6f0444462d4b5330

Whale wallet analysis

The Top 5 holders of the WoW collection own 849 pieces collectively for a 8.49% whale concentration. This index level is healthy for the collection. It is worth noting that three wallets are holding at least one CryptoPunk plus a couple of Meebits, while two of them own BAYC NFTs as well. In addition, one of the WoW whales is also a Stoner Cat top 5 wallet. 

  • Whale concentration ratio: 8.49% – 849 pieces

In summary

While RSOP is not an avatar project, it feels the same type of support coming from the other communities. The added perks and utilities are very enticing, especially the exclusive contests and the future breeding like mechanics. With lockdowns and restrictions expected to be reduced, it is going to be interesting to see how the real life events affect the collection’s perception upon the masses. The main drawback is the holders ratio. Few owners are part of the collection and it will probably remain the same as several competitions require big hands that translate in several pieces owned by a few. 

Stoner Cats once again demonstrated the influence of celebrities in the industry; despite a high minting price and several technical issues that would ward off sceptical investors, the project was able to launch without major issues. While the art is not amongst the best, having a story that backs up the NFTs is a solid move. It is more probable than not that the floor prices remain accessible to a wider audience. If more seasons are announced or the group of celebrities grows, the upside increases significantly. 

It is true that SupDucks have not experienced the market explosion of other avatar projects, yet the project is well positioned to remain relevant in the NFT space. The art is clearly among the best in the space and its team is capable enough of adding utility layers. Early SupDucks investors are up 847% on average, making it one of the more profitable collections of the month. The main drawback is the lack of added utility which is vital in space. If the roadmap goes according to the plan, SupDuck holders can be very well rewarded.

The Vogu Collective may appear as another avatar project but it is truly not. The story behind the robots is very intriguing and can become the key to its success. Those collectors who could access the mint are enjoying returns of 984% on average. With future developments on music and merchandise the Vogu metaverse may become a stepping stone in the project’s future developments. The floor price has been increasing constantly and is more probable than not that it remains constant at worse in the short term. Moreover, the  roadmap also includes future collaborations and extra features that will only result in added utilities for VGT holders

World of Women feels already like an established project rather than a collection with less than a month of existence. The interest generated from other owners of blue-chip collections is something to consider. From the investment perspective, the WoW excels, rewarding early investors with gains that surpass 1,000% on average. The floor price keeps rising and in the short run it doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon. Furthermore, the project has had impressive sales volume as of lately, and the team and its community seem to be very active and engaged. The social/humanitarian aspect adds another layer that is not found very often within the industry.  

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