New Community Benefits Push WorldWideWebb Land NFT Sales

New Community Benefits Push WorldWideWebb Land NFT Sales
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Landowners will have exclusive access to tokens, resources, and votes

WorldWideWebb is one of the more popular virtual worlds in the metaverse, and it’s recently seen a significant spike in land NFT sales. This boost in activity came after the official WWW Twitter account released a vague but important update regarding landowners. 


WorldWideWebb land launched on November 29th, 2021, selling out in less than 24 hours and generating over $7 million from the initial mint. Since then, this has been a sought-after asset in the metaverse space. However, the recent announcement has pushed trading activity through the roof. 

WorldWideWebb land NFT holders get more benefits

According to yesterday’s announcement, WorldWideWeb (WWW) landowners will receive a whole list of new benefits. For the moment, holding a land NFT from the virtual world allowed collectors to build and customize their own space in the metaverse. 

However, WWW landowners will soon receive access to exclusive token drops and governance votes. Additionally, homeowners in WorldWideWebb will be eligible for exclusive resource and asset drops in the form of NFTs. 


Currently, there is no information regarding the launch date of these benefits and whether they’ll all drop simultaneously. Still, the fact that holders will be receiving numerous new benefits had a massive impact on land NFT sales for the virtual world in the past 24 hours. 

Land NFT trading volume is up 2,370%

In the past 24 hours, especially following the announcement, WorldWideWebb land NFTs have been a hot topic. The collection registered 1,460% more sales bringing the total to 234, and welcomed 1,032% more traders. 

The average price for a WorldWideWebb land NFT spiked 58%, reaching over $8,000, while the floor price also rose by 28% to over $5,000. However, the most substantial spike in the collection registered in the past 24 hours is in its trading volume. 

The rising floor and average prices combined with increased activity pushed trading volume through the roof. In just one day, the WebbLand NFT trading volume shot up 2,370%, reaching a new height of $1.89 million. This is no small feat, and the significant spike pushed the collection to the top of DappRadar’s Top NFT Collections Rankings

The size of your plot matters

One of the limited details the recent announcement reveals is that rewards and benefits for landowners will scale depending on the size of their property. WorldWideWebb land is divided into four different size segments. You can see them below and the initial mint prices for each size. On a side note, WorldWideWebb land NFT prices have appreciated significantly since mint, as the floor price for a small apartment is now 1.7 ETH. 

There isn’t an official breakdown of how much size will influence holders’ potential earnings and benefits. However, small apartment NFTs are expected to grant significantly fewer benefits than penthouse NFTs. Most importantly, all land NFT holders will be part of the new benefits program. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring WorldWideWebb as it pushes on new owner benefits and releases updates. This is one of the rising stars in the metaverse sector, so if you want to keep a close eye on it, check out all WebbLand data here. What’s more, you can join DappRadar PRO and get NFT sales data from as little as the last 15 minutes, giving you the most up-to-date overview of WorldWideWebb’s performance. Follow DappRadar on Twitter to get the latest metaverse news first.

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