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Watch NFT Drops Like a Hawk — Across All Blockchains

Nifty Inc, a Delaware-based NFT tech company has announced the launch of the Nifty Drops App, the first IOS and Android App to feature live and upcoming NFT drops across all blockchains.

The app has been designed for NFT collectors and creators to address some major limitations with the current NFT marketplaces. Firstly by listing NFT drops across all blockchains. This means that NFT collectors can view NFT drops across different marketplaces and different blockchains, instead of one marketplace and blockchain at the time.  Furthermore, with so many new projects launching each day, it can take NFT buyers hours of research, hunting across NFT marketplaces and social media posts, to find the perfect NFT drops. The Nifty Drops app is aiming to solve these issues.

Nifty Drops App

For collectors 

The Nifty Drops app comprises a calendar of live and upcoming NFT drops where NFT collectors can quickly and easily swipe through to view the latest NFT drops and click directly through to the NFT marketplace to bid on and buy the NFTs that catch their eye. From the app, users can also then view NFT drops in their own local time zone and turn on in-app notifications to receive an alert to their device before each drop they’d like to watch or bid on. Furthermore, users are able to add the date of any NFT drop to their iPhone or Android calendars and set additional alerts from there. 

For creators 

The Nifty Drops app also offers NFT creators the facility to share their NFT Drops on the app’s central database to get their projects in front of NFT buyers and collectors and maximize the reach of each and every NFT drop they make for free. Moreover, during its launch phase NFT creators can add NFT drops to the app for free by sharing the link to their listing on the Nifty Drops Telegram group. 

However, the further app functionality is in development including the facility for creators to be able to share their drops directly to the Nifty Drops calendar. Those interested can sign up for the newsletter to be the first to hear about all of the Nifty Drops app’s updates.

Mass adoption on the horizon? 

According to the 2021 Q2 DappRadar Industry Report, the number of NFT sales and the daily average of unique wallets has more than doubled in Q2 2021 compared with the first quarter. In comparison to Q1, the number of sales spiked by 111.46%, while the daily average of unique wallets increased 151.86%. Within the NFT industry, there’s now a lot more activity in trading cheaper NFTs. At the same time, trading expensive NFTs happens less frequently. With new ways of yielding extra value from NFTs already in place, there has never been a better time to have a close eye on the NFT space. 

This latest addition to the NFT space appears to be a solid idea. Aggregating information is big business across multiple verticals and there is no reason NFTs cannot also benefit. When you look for car insurance you want it all in one handy location – right? Not spread out across multiple platforms and sites. Nifty Drops attempts to provide such a service for the growing number of NFT market participants. It will be fascinating to see how this plays out in both the short and long term.  

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