NeftyBlocks Dethrones Atomic Market As Leading WAX NFT Marketplace

NeftyBlocks attracts 400% more users in a week

NeftyBlocks, the most popular WAX-based NFT marketplace, has seen a remarkable 400% increase in the number of unique active wallets interacting with the platform. Over the past seven days, NeftyBlocks saw more than 84,000 unique user wallets interact with its smart contracts, boosting the number of transactions to 191,710. 

While both the number of users and the number of transactions increased significantly, NeftyBlocks saw an 87% drop in volume compared to the week before. 


The boost in activity on the marketplace came in a big wave on July 7th. On that day, the platform hosted an airdrop event with YoshiDrops. According to DappRadar data, more than 60,000 unique active wallets interacted with NeftyBlocks on that day. This makes for around 80% of the overall activity for the week.

On July 7th, YoshiDrops added an NFT featuring rapper 50 Cent, which attracted a lot of attention. Additionally, serious social media pushes and the fact that it was 50 Cent’s birthday pushed activity on NeftyBlocks further. Aside from YoshiDrops, NeftyBlocks also introduced Taco NFTs, which further boosted activity on the platform. 

While it might look like the platform experienced a momentary spike in activity following the YoshiDrops campaign, this is not really the case. The platform has been steadily pushing forward over the past thirty days.

NeftyBlocks monthly performance

While the past week has definitely been good for NeftyBlocks, its performance month over month is even more impressive.

In the past 30 days, unique active users interacting with the marketplace have jumped more than 234%. Not only that, the number of transactions going through the platform has also increased by more than 79% to about 552,990. 

What stands out from NeftyBlock’s thirty-day performance, however, is the increase in volume. Over the past month, the platform saw a 359% increase in volume. It processed more than 13.4 million in WAX, or about $525,2400.

The steady performance over the past month, and especially last week, pushed NeftyBlocks to the top of the charts. According to DappRadar data, it dethroned longtime competitor Atomic Market and secured first place in the weekly marketplace ranking. 

NeftyBlocks also performed better than big-time competitors on other chains. OpenSea, Hic et Nunc and Rarible all struggled to attract even close to that number of unique active users in the seven-day period.

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