NEAR Crowd Gains Momentum

2M transactions in the last 30 days

NEAR Crowd, a blockchain-based taskcompletion platform launched on the NEAR protocol, is steadily gaining traction. The platform’s smart contracts have processed more than two million transactions in the past thirty days. Remarkably, these were completed by a little under 2,000 unique active wallets. 

Considering NEAR Crowd’s structure, it is no surprise that such a high number of transactions have been processed, despite the relatively small number of users. The platform allows users to post small tasks, such as audio transcription jobs, distributed among other users for completion. All of these actions become records on the blockchain. Of course, this boosts the number of interactions with NEAR Crowd’s smart contracts. 

Aside from the remarkable number of processed transactions, NEAR Crowd displays increases in metrics across the board. Over the past thirty days, the number of unique active wallets has increased by more than 65%. Additionally, the volume going through the platform has increased by almost fifty percent, reaching 127,800 for the thirty-day period. 

Over the last month, the great performance NEAR Crowd has seen also pushed it to the top of DappRadar NEAR Dapp rankings. 

NEAR Crowd

Other NEAR-based dapps struggle to keep up. However, NEAR Crowd is clearly gaining positions, securing second place in the monthly rankings. 

NEAR Crowd brings freelancing to the blockchain

The main idea behind NEAR Crowd is to facilitate a decentralized environment where users receive rewards for completing small jobs requested by other users. Interestingly, more than one person can complete and review a given task. Regardless, all who participated in the successful completion of the task receive credit. Users receive rewards in N tokens, which can then be swapped or exchanged for fiat currencies. 

Decentralization is the platform’s ultimate goal. However, NEAR Crowd’s creators used a centralized entity called the Requestor to distribute tasks. Users wishing to post assignments for completion send them to the Requestor. The Requestor creates a detailed specification of the task, which then becomes available to the community for completion. 

NEAR Crowd is an innovative approach to the idea of small side jobs and freelancing. Platforms like UpWork and Fiverr are steadily gaining the attention of both recruiters and freelancers, especially during the pandemic. However, NEAR Crowd takes this concept a step further by introducing blockchain-based decentralization. The strong increase in the number of users and transactions the platform attracts hints at the further development of the freelancing and gig economy. Not only that, we are seeing the beginning of its transition towards blockchain technology. 

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