NBA Top Shot Users Up 149% in Seven Days

New pack pushes activity and number of transactions

NBA Top Shot users have been steadily growing as the collection expands, and new memorable moments are being added as NFTs. In the past seven days, NBA Top Shot attracted 149% more users compared to the previous week. This resulted in a total of more than 193,000 unique active wallets. 

The huge boost in active users also pushed up the number of transactions that went through NBA Top Shot’s smart contracts. Week over week, NBA Top Shot’s smart contracts processed 12% more transactions, or more than 1,3 million total interactions. This is a significant amount of traffic for seven days.

NBA Top Shot User

One of the main reasons behind the rise in activity on NBA Top Shot was a pack release on Friday last week. The 2021 NBA Playoffs’ second series packs went live on June 25th. There are a total of 200,000 packs, each of which costs $19 on the primary market. Considering the pricing of the packs, it is not too surprising that volume on the platform dropped while transactions and active users went up. However, there were some big sales aside from the newly released pack. 

NBA Top Shot users spend $18k on Nikola Jokić

The biggest sale for NBA Top Shot over the past week came for a 2019-2020 Nikola Jokić card. An NBA Top Shot user purchased the card for an impressive $18,000. 

Nikola Jokić is part of the Denver Nuggets, and his play during the 2019-2020 season was remarkable, which explains the price for this NFT. Currently, Jokić is performing strongly in the 2020-2021 season, with strong expectations for numerous MVP awards before the end of the season.

The user who purchased the Jokić NFT is extremely active on NBA Top Shots, with numerous trades per day. On that same day, this wallet also acquired two more Top Shot NFTs.

Another significant sale for NBA Top Shots last week was LeBron James’ 2019-2020 NFT. It sold for a little below $17,000.

Despite several significant sales and the latest pack drop, volume on the platform struggled to reach better week-over-week results. Even so, NBA Top Shot remains at the top of the most popular NFT collections, according to DappRadar data.

Holding steady at second place, beaten only by Axie Infinity which has been at the top of the charts for several months now. NBA Top Shot users are growing steadily, and we expect to see a further increase in activity soon. As the end of the season approaches, more packs will drop. Not only that, more memorable moments will make it to the blockchain, waiting for their collector. 

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