NBA Top Shot Marketplace Sees 50% Activity Bump

NBA Top Shot

70,000 traders looking for cool blocks and dunks as the end of the NBA 2021 season approaches

The NBA Top Shot NFT marketplace is steadily gaining traction, with more active users in the past week. According to DappRadar data, more than 70,000 traders were buying and selling NFT Top Shot NFTs in the past seven days. This represents a 50% increase week-over-week. 

These numbers impress, compared to previous weeks, which could hint at a possible revival of interest in the collection. The end of the NBA 2021 season coming up in July might also be a contributing factor to the recent spike in activity. 

NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot vs competitors

NBA Top Shot is a consistent presence in the top 10 of the most active NFT marketplaces, according to DappRadar rankings. Currently, only OpenSea and Axie Infinity surpass it in terms of both activity, and volume traded through the marketplace. 

The collection itself is also performing well, holding third place in the DappRadar overall ranking for the past week. The thirty-day results place NBA Top Shot at second place. However, Bored Ape Yach Club snatched the runner-up position in the past week. Even so, the collection is performing significantly better than the previous seven-day period. 

The increased activity NBA Top Shot saw last week is a good sign for the collection and the marketplace. It might be a precursor of future increases in active users. With more than $8 million in volume only in the past seven days, the marketplace benefited from a 67% increase in processed transactions value. 

It will be interesting to see if NBA Top Shot will keep the upward trend after the official end of the season. With new NFT packs released regularly, the next one on June 17, the marketplace usually benefits from big events like the final match of the season. Not only that, a collection of the best moments of the season, could attract more attention.

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