NBA Top Shot Dominates NFT Space with $40 Million Sales

nba top shot 40m january

Individual collectibles sold for $100.000

The NFT market for digital collectibles has been opened up to a more mainstream audience thanks to the basketball moments from NBA Top Shot, resulting in more than 40 million dollars in sales in January alone. The ten most expensive NBA Top Shot moments sold for a combined 624 thousand dollars. 

January started slow for NBA Top Shot, which launched in October 2020. However, around the middle of the month interest in the blockchain collectible project peaked. Suddenly NBA Top Shot was the talk of the town and reached mainstream audiences through media attention. 


With 40 million dollars in sales, NBA Top Shot has been the biggest NFT project on the market in January according to the DappRadar Dapp Industry Report. That’s more value than the entire NFT market on Ethereum combined. 

Top performers on the Ethereum blockchain, like CryptoPunks and Hashmasks, reached 5.5 and 9 million dollars in trading volume respectively. 

Even though the initial hype slowed down a bit, the story for NBA Top Shot is far from over. Currently, there are 34 thousand users with one or more collectible moments in their wallets. However, the NBA has millions of fans around the world. As Dapper Labs keeps improving their Flow blockchain and their infrastructure, NBA Top Shot is set for further growth and mainstream adoption.

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