Nah Fungible Bones Whales Focus on Habbo Avatars

nah fungible habbo avatars

Animated skeleton collectors love those Habbo Hotel avatars

In an effort to achieve the success of the likes of CryptoKitties and CryptoPunks, it now seems that new NFT collections are sprouting almost every day. One of the most recent ones is Nah Fungible Bones (NFBs), which has certainly got the whales’ attention as they’re trying to get their hands on as much as possible.

NFBs is a first of its kind, animated series that includes 10,005 randomly generated skeleton-inspired NFTs that ‘rest in peace on the ETH blockchain’ and were created by a team led by artist Trevor Van Meter

The collection consists of 59 unique animations and 169 color variations for each (totaling 9971), 21 OG rare animations in their original colors (and a few other surprises), 10 Infinity Rare items (bones in infinity colorways), and 3 Cr8zy Rare Hero pieces which stand out from the rest of the collection. 

NFBs were first announced in mid-September and they were dropped on September 20th. Ever since, it’s only been a success for them.

More than $9 million since mid-September

Expectedly, NFBs were traded the most in their early days, after they dropped in the second half of September. Since their launch, the animated skeletons have been good for $9.49 million in trading volume, coming from 13.936 trades. That means that the average transaction is roughly $680.

However, there are obviously different prices for each of the NFT in the collection. Rare variations or versions that look nice, will often have increased value. Standard versions cost less.

Most impressive sales so far 

The most notable NFB sale to date has been of Shrine Of Infinite Chill #10005, which was sold on September 23rd for $121.700. The second-best NFB, Working Remotely #6088, went for $76.400 at around the same time. These two were followed by the also very successful Run With It #8780 at $39.00k and Chill Long And Prosper #1513 at $39.000.

What all four have in common is that they have a more elaborate design than most of the other items in the collection. In fact, three of them are filled with tiny intricate details that can almost be compared to the works of Hieronymus Bosch, so it seems that buyers appreciate such a level of detail.

NFB whales and their favorites

Some wallet owners are more enthusiastic about Nah Fungible Bones than others, which is why we decided to take a closer look at the shopping habits of the biggest NFB collectors. The ultimate leader is wallet stronghands.eth, possessing 241 NFBs or 2.4% of their total supply. We have mentioned this wallet in our post about Lazy Lions, as this person held the largest supply of Lazy Lions (152). They currently have 151 of them. The total worth of the wallet’s NFT possessions is over $482k and includes a staggering 70,000 NFTs from 9 collections. 

In addition to lots of NFBs and Lazy Lions, this person also holds a lot of other notable NFTs, such as 101 SupDucks, 420 Krazy Koalas, 151 CyberKongz VX, 286 Groupies, and 92 Habbo Avatars. You can follow all of their purchases using the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker.

Interestingly, the second-major NFB whale, dekadente.eth, is also a fan of Habbo Avatars. The holder of 94 NFBs also has 89 Habbo Avatars, 124 Monsterbuds, 4 SupDucks, and 45 KingFrogs. dekadente.eth’s entire NFT wealth, which consists of 433 NFTs from 16 collections, is worth nearly $372.k.

The third runner-up in the NFB ownership has 55 NFBs and these are the only NFTs they have, so they’re clearly a fan. Their collection is worth $19.200.

In fourth place is theboggartt.eth with 53 NFBs, and they hold a total of 250 NFTs from 44 collections. This user owns a staggering worth of NFTs – $2.02M. They also lean toward Habbo Avatars, of which they have 7. Other NFTs in their possession include 15 Peaceful Groupies, 6 CyberKongz, 9 CyberKongz VX, and 2 NFT Worlds tokens.

Most recently, they invested in…

The most recent NFT acquisitions of stronghands.eth include a whole bunch of newly minted GameCats and Stacys, GEN.ART Drop, BoredApeMirrorClub tokens, some MoneyMules, SwimmySharks, CyberKongz VX, and CyberKongz. The owner was especially geared toward Stacys.

Most of dekadente.eth’s KingFrogs were recent purchases, and they’ve already sold some of them. theboggartt.eth has recently bought OctoHedz (purchased most recently, along with 2 NFT Worlds tokens), and the above-mentioned Habbo Avatars.

Other NFB whales among the top 10 NFB owners show some other patterns in their purchases, such as being geared toward purchasing a lot of Art Blocks, but they’ve also purchased Habbo Avatars and KingFrogs.

It sure looks like Habbo Avatars are a favorite among the NFT collectors. You can jump in, the 3 below are available at the 0.3 ETH floor price.

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