Music Flows Through the Crypto World

Music Flows Through the Crypto World

DJ RAC sets up shop in Decentraland, Gala Games launches music division

While digital artworks have been a constant presence in the form of NFTs, slowly music flows to web3 as well. The metaverse grows bigger, and more brands join the virtual worlds. Consequently, music producers, DJs, and producers are starting to explore too. This week several important announcements confirm that music is about to take over the crypto space. 

Firstly, DJ RAC announced that he plans to set up shop in Decentraland. This move to the virtual world is part of RAC’s efforts to create a web3 experience for his fans. RAC’s new web3 project is called racOS. It will allow fans to experience the DJ’s music in an engaging way through the opportunities virtual worlds offer. 

To complete the web3 experience RAC has also launched the RAC token. It’s an Ethereum-based token that will allow music fans to support the project and help build up the racOS experience. As the project develops RAC token holders will gain access to exclusive content and various other perks.

Aside from DJ RAC’s move into Decentraland, blockchain game developer Gala Games has also announced the launch of a music-centric division. 

Gala Music flows with listen-to-earn in the spotlight

Gala Games is one of the most renowned blockchain game creators, and the Gala ecosystem of services continues to grow. With Gala Labs, they introduced the Vox avatar NFTs, and now Gala Music became the latest announcement from the team. The platform will enable creators and fans alike to earn rewards from music NFTs. The platform came up with the concept of listen-to-earn. It brings a new era of entertainment for music fans and creators. 

Listen-to-earn relies on a tried and tested methodology. Much like the Gala Games network of nodes, Gala Music will also rely on listener-supported nodes. When an artist launches NFT music through the platform, Gala Music nodes record every time this song is played, and reward both the creator and the owner of the NFT with GALA tokens. 

Importantly, Gala Music allows artists to mint their songs and albums as NFTs without the overwatch of a label or studio, completely decentralized. This, much like RAC’s efforts to make his music accessible in the web3 space, brings forward a new trend in the crypto and music industries alike. While the crypto space offers unprecedented freedom, it is still an unexplored medium for music publication. However, with big names jumping in to try out the technology, the crypto world is becoming a second home for many artists, producers, and fans alike. 

Gala Music is off to an impressive start launching a collaboration with Snoop Dogg. The rapper has released his brand new album B.O.D.R through Gala Music’s new decentralized platform. This is an important step towards bringing more popular artists to the web3 space. In addition, Steve Aoki, who’s very active in the NFT and metaverse space, was present at a live reveal show of the Gala Music platform. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the web3 space as more music projects turn to the endless list of opportunities the metaverse has to offer. To learn more about RAC’s project check out the official website. If you’re curious about Gala Music nodes, check out their about page. Follow DappRadar on Twitter to learn the latest metaverse news first, and join our Discord channel for interesting discussions on the future of web3. 

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