Music Festival Coachella NFT Collectibles Launch on February 4th

Music Festival Coachella NFT Collectibles Launch on February 4th

The NFT collection includes lifetime festival passes and much more

Music festival Coachella has announced that it will drop a series of NFT collectibles on February 4th. Among these collectibles, there will be lifetime passes for the festival, unique on-site experiences, physical items, and digital collectibles.

The Coachella Collectibles series will be spread among three different collections. The most exclusive among these will be the Coachella Keys Collection. It will feature ten unique NFTs, giving owners lifetime access to the festival. Additionally, Keys NFTs will unlock unique experiences for the 2022 edition. These include front and center views at the Coachella Stage, lifetime Safari camping, or a dinner prepared by a professional chef in the Rose Garden. All 10 Keys NFTs will go on auction on February 4th, and the auction will be live for one week. 

Next up, there is the Desert Reflections Collection which will drop in 1000 editions. Minting one of these NFTs will give owners access to one of ten unique digital renditions of an iconic Coachella poster from Emek. Each NFT can be redeemed once for a physical copy of Coachella | The Photographs: 1999-2019, an over 400-page collection of iconic photography showcasing the festival’s fans, art and artists.

Last but not least there’s the Sights and Sounds Collection which consists of 10,000 editions. Each of these NFTs features iconic festival photos and never before heard soundscapes from the Polo Fields. Additionally, each NFT can be redeemed once for a physical art print of the photograph. Photographers and installation artists receive a sales royalty on their associated NFT.

Coachella NFTs on Solana

Aside from the rather vast selection of different NFTs that will become available on February 4th, Coachella is trying to cover secondary sales as well. The official festival website sports an NFT marketplace where collectors will be able to purchase and list Coachella Collectibles after the official mint. 

Importantly, the festival is also teaming up with crypto exchange FTX US and Solana. The exchange will help facilitate the KYC process and identity verification. Additionally, the Solana blockchain will host all NFTs. Choosing Solana might be a bit of a surprise, considering the fact that Ethereum is still the king of NFTs. However, according to Coachella, this choice was motivated in order to make the Collectibles series more accessible, and more eco-friendly. 

While Coachella is making bold steps to enter the NFT space, fans are still reluctant to accept this concept. Of course, there are NFT fans who are embracing these new collections with arms wide open. However, there are also skeptics, calling this a marketing stunt and a jpeg sale. 

For the time being there is no way to tell whether Coachella will successfully incorporate NFTs in such a broad way. However, the effort is visibly there, and one of the biggest music festivals globally has firmly stepped into the NFT space. In addition, this move positions Solana even more as a direct competitor to Ethereum, as NFTs will find their way into the mainstream.

DappRadar will continue monitoring the Coachella Collectibles project as it drops this Friday. If you want to get your hands on a lifetime Coachella pass head to the official marketplace on February 4th. To get the latest NFT news first, follow DappRadar on Twitter. Additionally, you can check out DappRadar PRO for exclusive access to Discord channels and the DappRadar community.

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