Multichain, Transparent, and Fair Crypto Casino Games with BetSwirl

Multichain, Transparent, and Fair Crypto Casino Games with BetSwirl
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Explore multiple games and token choices on BetSwirl’s decentralized betting platform

BetSwirl is a decentralized and anonymous cryptocurrency gaming platform that offers a fair and fun gaming experience. The platform supports multiple games, including Dice, Coin Toss, Roulette, and PvP games to come. Players can access these games easily using the token of their choice.


What is BetSwirl?

BetSwirl is a decentralized and privacy-first crypto gaming platform with BETS tokens at the center of it, offering a fair and fun gaming experience. With BetSwirl, users can be sure that luck or misfortune is truly random and not controlled by the house. 

The platform brings a unique interactive gaming experience with animations and sound effects and supports multiple games like Dice, Coin Toss, Roulette, and soon the first PvP games Russian Roulette and Coin Toss Battle. BetSwirl makes crypto betting easy as players can access all kinds of games using the token of their choice, including MATIC, BNB, AVAX, BETS, and other ERC20 tokens provided by partners.

Their adoption strategy involves deploying to 4 of the top 8 chains with dominant TVLs  (Polygon, Avalanche, BSC, Arbitrum) and growing through partnerships with native communities. The recent Arbitrum expansion gives BetSwirl exposure to native Eth users looking for a smooth, quick & cheap L2 gaming experience.

As a decentralized application, BetSwirl offers transparency and accessibility. So you can easily monitor the platform’s key metrics on DappRadar, giving you more confidence in your gaming experience.

A closer look at games on BetSwril


Dice is a simple game perfect for anyone looking for a quick thrill. In this game, you’ll roll a 100-sided dice and try to guess whether the lucky number will be above your chosen number. 

To get started, simply choose a number between 4 and 99, set your bet amount and token, and hit the Roll button. It can get even more exciting, as players have the potential for bigger wins by hitting the max button. Before you make a decision, the system will show you the calculated maximum amount the bank can offer.

Coin Toss

Toss Coin is a classic game that you can play with just a few clicks. All you need to do is choose whether you think the lucky coin will land on Heads or Tails, set your bet amount and token, and hit the Flip button to initiate the transaction with your wallet. Then, sit back and wait a few seconds to see if you’ve won.  


Roulette on BetSwirl is a classic casino game that meets blockchain technology to create an authentic and secure gaming experience. Players can bet on a single number, various groupings of numbers, red or black, odd or even, or if the numbers are high (19–36) or low (1–18). Just like traditional roulette, the winnings are then paid to the player who has placed a successful bet.

What about BETS?

Profitable GambleFi

GambleFi protocols have experienced explosive growth in 2023, with some going to 9 figure valuations. Most don’t have working products, while others have products but no users.

Yet over here, BetSwirl has organically grown to over 20,000 players on its platform. These players have wagered over 600,000 bets valued at more than $14.5 million. With an impressive $450,000 revenue generated for a $3.4 million market cap startup. BetSwirl will likely dominate the gambling narrative in the months ahead.

Revenue sharing

Holders will stake BETS to earn a share of BetSwirl’s profits and benefit from its deflationary mechanisms. 

Since BetSwirl’s games launched in February 2022, they have accumulated a significant amount of staking rewards (view the Analytics page on BetSwirl). These will be redistributed when the staking program goes live in Q2 2023. Users can opt into single-stake BETS and earn the current and future rewards in blue-chips tokens (MATIC, AVAX, BNB, ETH).

The diagram below shows how the revenue is distributed to Partners, Stakers, Bank, Treasury, and Team.


BetSwirl is a community-driven platform with multiple incentives, rewards, and surprises, facilitated by the utility token BETS.

The token empowers the BetSwirl platform in various ways. 

For example, players can use it to play games and benefit a reduced house edge! Wagers with BETS on the Roulette with 2.4% house edge rather than 2.7%, which makes it the Lowest Roulette house edge of gambling!

Furthermore, holding BETS grants users the right to vote and influence the platform’s future. 

BetSwirl is backed by a transparent protocol

Transparency is crucial for a betting platform because it builds trust with players and ensures fair play. To achieve greater transparency, BetSwirl has developed several analytics dashboards and tools that allow users to track all metrics around the project easily. 

Users can go to the Analytics page to check out these analytics, which uses The Graph blockchain technology. The Graph is a decentralized protocol for indexing and querying data from blockchains. BetSwirl’s team has built subgraphs using The Graph to index their protocol data, enabling users to access many analytics insights into BetSwirl.

Join the fun and secure betting world of BetSwirl

BetSwirl strives to be decentralized, legit, secure, and immersive. The platform incorporates the most advanced technologies to create a decentralized application. Simply put, it respects users’ privacy, promises no censorship, and treats players’ trust as the highest priority. 

BetSwirl has gone through the necessary legal steps to obtain authorization to conduct online betting business, providing players with peace of mind. The platform utilizes the most secure tools available in the crypto space, and all contracts undergo successful auditing to ensure the utmost reliability. 

In the long term, BetSwirl focuses on crafting immersive games that pave the way for the future of gaming and social gambling in the Metaverse.

Learn more about BetSwirl

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