Moon Boyz to Space, Successful Claylings and Unusual Whales

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New NFT collections, and some of them come with very interesting perks!

The metaverse has seen a ton of interesting NFT releases, and with Moon Boyz, Claylings and Unusual Whales we have a strong selection in this update. In this edition of transmissions from the metaverse we not only look at the news, but also at the current status of individual NFT collections.

As celebrities and regular folks everywhere begin to truly recognize the value and potential of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and all things related, the metaverse space just keeps on growing. The most recent days are no exception as they bring us tons of new NFT collections and interesting innovations. In addition there have been some notable sales.

Dan Marino and his NFT collection

Legendary American football quarterback Dan Marino, well-known for his 17 seasons with the Miami Dolphins, has jumped on the NFT bandwagon, joining many other star athletes in this move. Namely, the Ethernity Chain platform that specializes in NFTs, has announced a limited-edition NFT collection dedicated to none other but the NFL superstar. 

According to the company, Marino embodies its vision: “authenticity, grit, and determination combined with super talent and a forward-looking approach”. The notable 3D artist Yoni Sonis – aka Yonson – has designed this NFT collection which includes five different cards featuring five different moments in Marino’s career with the Miami Dolphins.

Moon Boyz Send a NFT Owner to space

You’ve read that right. The creators of Moon Boyz announced they would hold a contest between interested holders to give away a ticket for a commercial flight on Blue Origin in 2022. Moon Boyz is a collection comprising 11,111 unique 3D ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

As commercial space flights become more accessible, currently costing between $200,000 and $600,000, so does the interest for them. Moon Boyz saw its chance to bring something new for their users and award one of them for their loyalty. This is just one of the perks offered by Moon Boyz, whose NFTs include membership to a growing community and various utilities.

Currently there are 3383 unique wallets, holding 11.110 Moon Boyz NFTs. The biggest whale owns 3% of the supply with a total of 344 Moon Boyz, and no other NFTs. The cheapest Moon Boy on the marketplace costs you 0.14 ETH.

Claylings stack successes

A 4,040-edition generative art project drawing aesthetics from the 90’s nostalgia and the likes of Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run, Claylings are currently trading on the secondary market with a floor price of 0.38 ETH. According to data from DappRadar the total trading volume already passed $8 million.

The project garnered interest when it first offered its holders 3D renders to use in the virtual world, as well as announcing its goals to create a claymation short film. The film would also be viewable by holders only as the NFTs are acting as a digital cinema ticket. Thanks to all the perks, all Claylings sold out in just 10 seconds after going live, setting a new record for this kind of sales.

Currently there are 2148 wallets holding the 4040 Clayling NFTs. The biggest whale owns 124 Claylings, while the biggest secondary market sale was 15 ETH so far.

Lay’s deploys NFTs for a good cause

PepsiCo’s Lay’s potato chip brand has partnered with digital asset platform Project Ark in Romania to add an NFT project to their marketing efforts. The project is a visual arrangement consisting of over 3,000 bags of chips. They minted the NFT on the Polygon blockchain and are currently auctioning it on Lay’s OpenSea page. The current listing costs 18 ETH or $56,000. For some reason Lay’s Romania keeps lowering the listing price. 

All proceeds will be directed to four non-profit organizations dedicated to solving Romania’s social, educational, and ecological issues. According to Max Song, Founder of Project Ark and CEO of Carbonbase, “The SMILE Impact NFT is an example of a cross-industry partnership that can drive social impact in a creative way that adds ongoing value. There are clear synergies between minting NFTs and making the world better”, he said in a press statement.


Unusual Whales NTFs on the hunt for unusual market activity

Last but not least among the super-interesting projects that caught our attention this week is the Unusual Whales NFTs. However, they’re not just another fish in the sea. Created by a website analysis platform dedicated to exposing insider trading (rather successfully), these NFTs allow you access to what would normally cost around $30/month. 

Now, purchasing one of the 6,969 unique Whales grants you tools to help you invest in the NFT space. And who wouldn’t want the tools provided by the guys and gals credited with catching infamous moves like Citron’s?

The Unusual Whales project is true to its name, as the project hasn’t seen much price action yet. The biggest whale holds 2.7% or 191 NFTs, out of the total 6969 whales. They hold an impressive amount of 2761 NFTs, spread out over more than 100 different collections. The collector goes by the name SneakyNinjaPants.

Currently the cheapest one on the market costs 0.064 ETH or $200. The most expensive whale sold so far, only cost 1 ETH. However, the buyer now listed their zebra whale for 420 ETH.

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