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Mocaverse Dive Into the Animoca Brands NFT Ecosystem
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All about Moca ID, Realm Points and The Mocas

As NFT collections and Web3 gaming enters the mainstream Animoca Brands is heating up, and with Mocaverse you’re at the forefront of all the developments taking place in their ecosystem. Mocaverse is the PFP community for the wider Animoca Brands ecosystem, while also connecting communities and people through Web3.

Mocaverse is a membership NFT collection of 8,888 unique characters. You can call these characters, the Mocas. Within the Mocaverse community there are a total of 5 tribes, consisting of Angels, Builders, Dreamers, Connectors and Neo-Capitalists. Moreover, these tribes represent the types of pioneers that are active within the Web3 industry. 

Mocaverse and the 5 archetypes of Mocas: dreamers builders angels connectors and neo-capitalists

The Mocaverse community vibe

Mocaverse means to connect the different companies, partners, projects and communities through various forms of utility. In a dream scenario, each Mocaverse NFT offers a specific utility within any project under the Animoca Brands umbrella. Therefore, owners of a Moca can expect utility across the board. These opportunities come in different forms, for example:

  • Learning – online courses and AMAs 
  • Playing – game passes and in-game assets
  • Building – accelerator program
  • Doing good – contribute to social causes

Benefits of the Mocaverse NFTs

Aside from the status associated with holding a certain NFT, Mocaverse offers a number of benefits to its NFT holders. Mocaverse holders will have access to Animoca Brands portfolio, consisting of over 380 projects across various sectors in the blockchain industry. Obviously this comes with exclusive beta tests, discounts, deals and so on. 

How to get buy a Mocaverse NFT

Initially, Mocaverse were distributed or sold to Animoca Brands investors, employees, management teams of companies in the Animoca Brands investment portfolio, and various partners. However, at the time of writing, a Mocaverse could be yours for 2.5 ETH or just over $5,000.

You can buy Mocaverse on the Ethereum blockchain through NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, and Blur.

Introducing Moca ID

As the Mocaverse only consists of 8,888 NFTs, it’s a challenge to allow everybody to participate. Therefore, alongside the top builders in the Mocaverse community, every participant will be able to acquire a Moca ID. Mocaverse holders can distribute invites, while selected people within the Web3 community can do the same.

This user name directly connects to your crypto wallet, but makes it a lot easier to communicate. What is easier ‘username.moca’ or ‘0x23f345gdf453fgdf32sfgfaa’?  

Moca ID is an on-chain DID (decentralized identity) that gives you the identity to travel among Animoca Brands’ network of 450+ portfolio companies. In addition, holders get access to the growing partner ecosystem. Therefore you can say that it will act as your identity to our Frequent Player Program. 

What can you do with Moca ID?

Aside from using Moca ID as a wallet address or user name, it’s also your membership pass into the Mocaverse community. Holding a Moca ID, you are eligible to earn Realm Points. You earn these points through user activity in various projects in the Animoca Brands ecosystem.

Realm Points can be earned through Missions, for example here with a Mocaverse mission for Pixels. This requires a Moca ID or Mocaverse NFT.

What are Realm Points?

Animoca Brands introduced Realm Points (RP) to build your reputation within the Mocaverse. Complete missions, earn RP, and build your profile. Because Moca ID is on-chain, the RP adds a layer that highlights your on-chain activity. 

Players can accumulate RP through activity, and then use their points in the Social Hub, get IRL or digital benefits, level up your Moca tier, and so on. RP is distributed on a first-come first-serve basis. When you finish a mission, be sure to claim your RP immediately. 

Mocaverse and Pixels

The first user activation for Mocaverse, is with the farming MMO Pixels. Players can use their Moca in the online game, and complete Mocaverse missions for RP. There will also be other prizes, and of course you will earn BERRY in the Pixels world. 

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