Mobox Takes Over Gaming on BSC as Play to Earn Gains Traction

Mobox Takes Over Gaming on BSC as Play to Earn Gains Traction

Mobox tops the March top blockchain games ranking as P2E dapps attract more players

The NFT game platform Mobox on the BNB Smart Chain tops the March blockchain games rankings. Thanks to a long list of exciting updates to the platform and the launch of a completely new mini-game, the platform saw NFT sales skyrocket alongside the valuation of its native token MBOX. 

March 2022 saw the blockchain games space develop rapidly. Following a bearish January and February, March has brought a wave of positive action. Nine of the ten dapps featured in this list saw their native token prices increase, while NFT sales and user activity were booming. 

Blockchain games have been at the forefront of crypto activity for months now. With this article, DappRadar looks at the hottest gaming dapps of the month. To compile this ranking, we’ve considered on-chain activity, NFT trading volumes, token valuations, and news and events surrounding each dapp.

Browse the complete list of the top 10 blockchain games of the week below. Click on the respective image to learn more about each platform. Alternatively, check out the handy video below, which summarizes the ranking for a quick view.

Top 10 blockchain games

Mobox leads the charge in March with Molar Defense

Mobox NFT Farmer is the undeniable winner this March. The game attracted more than $27 million in NFT trading volume, and its native token MBOX almost doubled in price. This spike in activity and valuation is predominantly caused by the launch of several important updates on the platform. For example, Mobox introduced the new tower defense mini-game Molar Defense. You can read more about Mobox’s rise to prominence here

DeFi Kingdoms keeps introducing updates

DeFi Kingdoms has had a massive success starting out on Harmony and now attracting even more players thanks to the recent Avalanche integration. In March, DeFi Kingdoms also announced the launch of its custom DFKChain blockchain. This pushed activity even further, and the price of the game’s native token JEWEL skyrocketed 57% in the past thirty days. 

Upland brings real estate investors to the blockchain

EOS-based real estate platform Upland continues its steady performance since the beginning of 2022. The game has been a constant presence in the weekly DappRadar top 10 blockchain games rankings, and rightfully earns a spot in the March ranking as well. In the past thirty days, the game attracted more than 260,000 unique active wallets, becoming the top-visited dapp on the EOS blockchain. 

Alien Worlds teams up with Minecraft

Alien Worlds has recently integrated Minecraft functionalities which boosted interest in the platform significantly. Throughout March, Alien Worlds attracted upwards of 667,000 unique active wallets, becoming the most visited blockchain game of the month. This is no small feat and combined with the recent Minecraft integration, the game saw a positive effect on its native token TLM, which saw a price hike of 10% in the past month. 

Crazy Defense Heroes pushes mobile gaming to the forefront

Polygon-based mobile tower defense game Crazy Defense Heroes has had a rather successful month, attracting upwards of 200,000 unique active wallets. This large user base and the lucrative P2E rewards the platform offers have pushed the game’s native token TOWER to new heights as well. In the past thirty days, TOWER gained more than 28% in valuation. 

Axie Infinity pushes on after Ronin hack

P2E giant Axie Infinity still dominates the NFT space with more than $60 million in NFT trading volume generated in March. Despite the turbulent events surrounding the Ronin bridge exploit, the game has managed to keep its place in the top 10 blockchain games ranking for March. Additionally, Axie’s governance token AXS saw a 9.9% spike in valuation in the past thirty days. With the Origin update launching in early April, fans have reasons enough to be excited.


Splinterlands thrives despite SPS value drop

Hive-based card trading game Splinterlands is an industry favorite. The game attracted more than 560,00 unique active wallets this month, ranking second among the most visited blockchain games across all chains. While Splinterlands’ native token SPS is the only one on the list with negative price action in the past thirty days, the platform is still thriving. Importantly, this negative trend might soon be reversed as SPS is now available for trading on To learn more about Splinterlands you can check this DappRadar x Splinterlands AMA session


F1 Delta Time is gone, REVV Racing is here to stay

Polygon-based racing game REVV Racing ranks eighth this month, despite a turbulent couple of weeks for creator Animoca Brands. REVV Racing’s Formula 1 counterpart F1 Delta Time stopped operating, which caused a wave of racers to move to the REVV platform. This in turn pushed activity, and the game’s native token REVV gained close to 10% in valuation in March. 


The Gotchiverse is here!

Aavegotchi ranks towards the bottom of the chart, however, the platform saw important updates this month. On March 31st, Aavegotchi unveiled its virtual world, the Gotchiverse. This was a much-anticipated update that led to player acquisition and a lot of activity for the platform. In the past thirty days, Aavegotchi generated more than $3 million in NFT sales volume, while its native token GHST gained 5% in valuation. 


The Sandbox Alpha 2 ends

Ethereum-based virtual world The Sandbox held its second alpha season throughout March, and this event had a very positive effect on activity for the platform. In the past thirty days, The Sandbox generated over $31.6 million in NFT trading volume as players and collectors alike wanted a piece of the treasured Sandbox land.

Mobox rises to the top

Mobox launched in April 2021, and is soon going to celebrate its first anniversary. Since last year, the game has become a go-to passive income and entertainment source on the BNB Smart Chain. Compared to its activity a year ago, the game now attracts more than six times the number of unique active wallets every month. 

This stellar rise is propelled by Mobox’s fun premise, engaging design, and most importantly passive income opportunities. Earning NFTs and chests, and staking rewards, are just a portion of all passive income mechanics on the platform.

What’s more, the Mobox team keeps pushing updates and developments to the game’s ecosystem. The recent launch of Molar Defense is a perfect example. Soon, Mobox also plans to introduce new MOBOX avatars. These will serve as a virtual representation of a player for the forthcoming MOMOverse, set to launch next week.

March 2022 has seen Mobox set out on an ambitious positive trajectory towards new achievements. DappRadar will continue monitoring the hit BSC game as it launches its MOMOverse virtual world, and introduces new exciting updates for players. You can follow DappRadar on Twitter to get the latest blockchain gaming news first.

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