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Sandwich Network
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Full toolbox to launch your project

Sandwich Network provides a user-friendly and permission-less hub to start a cryptocurrency project on Binance Smart Chain and soon multiple blockchains. The platform is truly decentralized and non-custodial, so any user that connects with a Web3 wallet such as Metamask can mint, launch, and lock tokens. 

Sandwich states they want to become the Google Hub for new projects in the decentralized world. The platform launched on Binance Smart Chain in late December 2021 and is currently in phase one of a four-phase plan to bring four dapps together into one ecosystem. So both project starters and investors only need to connect their wallets to Sandwich to use the tools they need to launch a project. 

The Sandwich beta dapp is currently live and offers the ability to mint, launch, and then lock cryptocurrency tokens on BSC through three core products. Sandwich hopes to bring the presently fragmented token creation and management services into one easy-to-use hub. 

Sandwich Mint

Choose the blockchain network you would like to use, follow the steps, and you will get your very own token, with total supply directly distributed to your wallet. Additional features allow creators to add layers to their tokens, such as making them burnable, auto-burning (deflationary), mintable, and an ever-rise clone. EverRise is a blockchain technology that provides bridging and security solutions across various blockchain networks enabled by an ecosystem of dapps. In essence, it can facilitate the wrapping and bridging of the created tokens to other networks. 

Inputting some details, we can see that to create 10,000,000 KANE tokens with no special requirements would incur a fee of 0.1 BNB, or $36 at the time of writing. 

Sandwich Launch

Once tokens are minted, in most cases, creators will want to begin a presale to raise capital for a project. SandwichLaunch allows anyone to generate a presale for their cryptocurrency token directly on the platform. Investors can participate in the presale at a fixed price per token. After completing the presale, Sandwich will automatically create a liquidity pool on the leading Binance Smart Chain exchange, PancakeSwap or Ethereum’s Uniswap.

Sandwich Network

Sandwich Lock 

The lock feature lets the creators safely lock away a portion of tokens, such as the founders or team allocation. Locking tokens and therefore creating liquidity develops a safe investment and can help build trust with the community of investors. 

Sandwich Network

Four dapp sandwich 

As mentioned, Sandwich Network plans to build out four complimentary dapps, including the described Sandwich beta. 

  • Sandwich beta (LIVE): Mint, launch, and lock tokens permissionless on multiple chains to quickly launch your cryptocurrency project.
  • SandwichSAFU (Q1 2022): Tiered-system launchpad where $Sandwich holders access private and public rounds of top-tier projects on multiple chains.
  • SandwichTools (Q1/2 2022): The most extensive toolbox for DEX trading. Analyze and anticipate market movements statistics and connect personal wallets to track all investments in one place.
  • SandwichSwap (Q2/3 2022): Get access to all market-leading decentralized exchanges through one easy-to-use interface.

Future features eluded to in recent blog articles include the Sandwich Airdrop. A tool to allow creators to airdrop their token to users by importing a list of addresses to which they want to airdrop the tokens. At the same time, Sandwich Private will let users participate in seed, strategic, and private investment rounds of new cryptocurrency projects. Additionally, creating a sale contract for all rounds of the token. Investors can safely participate, and tokens can be linearly vested.

SANDWICH Network Token  

The Sandwich Network’s native token SANDWICH is used to power the Sandwich Ecosystem. The token will mainly be used as a utility token on the various applications, with project starters and investors gaining significant benefits such as discounts, premium access, and liquidity mining. Additionally, SANDWICH holders will participate in key governance votes, such as the development roadmap and new functionalities added to existing applications in the ecosystem.

Sandwich Network

After launching the first dapp in the ecosystem, Sandwich Network Beta, the team has been doing a roadshow for Venture Capitalists, Exchanges, and accredited investors to get value in marketing, connections, and listings. The Seed Sale raised a total of $960,000, and in a Private Sale, $1,680,000 was raised. Seed Sale Participants include Magnus Capital, Oddiyana Ventures, LD Capital, and Moonwhale. 

With SANDWICH set to debut on PancakeSwap soon, public sales are now complete. Importantly, SANDWICH will be solely tradeable on PancakeSwap until the first CEX listing.

A Tasty Sandwich

The premise of Sandwich Network appears solid as more and more creators and entrepreneurs dive into the world of cryptocurrencies. Projects can launch in the blink of an eye and begin the necessary steps to take their project from infancy to start-up and beyond 

Currently, the network operates on Binance Smart Chain, minting BEP-20 tokens. While this may not appeal to those looking to create NFT collections on Ethereum or DeFi dapps on Solana, the foundations are there to take Sandwich multichain in the future. Additionally, the process of minting tokens on a blockchain such as BSC, with its low fees, feels useful, as projects look for low-budget routes to market. 

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