Minecraft: The Last Minecart Sells as NFT for $35,000

Minecraft NFT

10 years and 2 billion viral video views later

Minecraft: The Last Minecart created in 2011 is the first viral video created by Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer, Founders of Corridor Digital. This 1-of-1 unique digital collectible has sold on NFT marketplace MakersPlace for 16.29 ETH or approximately $35,000 at the time of writing. The short film holds the honor of being the first in a collection of viral video NFTs to be released by Corridor Digital. 

Minecraft NFT

Corridor Digital is an American production studio based in Los Angeles, known for creating pop-culture-related viral online videos. They have also created television commercials for various companies, including Google. The NFT celebrates what Corridor Digital calls a defining moment in their path towards professional content creation. 

The creators claim everything they have created since, in part, is rooted in their first viral video. 10 years and 2 billion video views later the unique Minecraft-inspired creation has been immortalized on the blockchain as a digital collectible NFT. In what is arguably another defining moment for the organization. 

Who bought it?

The owner will own the bragging rights and most importantly the non-fungible token that represents this original film. Looking at the buyer’s NFT collection using the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker reveals quite a collection. Over $650,000 worth of digital art and NFTs.

Minecraft NFT
Source: DappRadar

What is MakersPlace?

MakersPlace is an NFT marketplace on the Ethereum network similar to SuperRare and Known Origin. Interestingly, Makers`place is not an NFT marketplace that’s been amongst the recent ‘big sales figure’ hype surrounding NFTs. Instead curating a different type of crypto art marketplace. 

What this sale goes to show is that currently, individual digital creations are stronger than the NFT marketplaces on which they live. It is also clear that status and social reach are playing an incredibly important role in some NFT sales. The most valuable NFT sold last week was sold on Foundation by Edward Snowden for $5 million while Paris Hilton’s Iconic Crypto Queen, took second place with a $1.1 million sale. 

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