MetaMask Swap Wows Users with Convenience

MetaMask Swap Wows Users with Convenience

The swap feature for the most popular web3 wallet attracts attention

MetaMask, arguably the most popular web3 wallet service in the industry, has recently seen its in-app swap service for Ethereum called MetaMask Swap skyrocket in the charts. According to DappRadar data, in the past seven days, MetaMask Swap has attracted upwards of 48.000 users. Those wallets generated upwards of $110 million in transactions. 

The MetaMask Swap button has been present in the application for ages. However, it looks like more users are starting to use it on a regular basis. Judging by DappRadar data, more MetaMask users are finding the swapping service handy.  


MetaMask Swap still has a long way to go to reach the level of established swapping services like Uniwap. However, the convenience factor is there. At the time of writing, the swap ranks 21st in the DappRadar weekly dapp rankings, which is no small feat. Undeniably, as more wallet owners recognize the ease of use of this feature, the swapping service will see a boost in addresses interacting with it. 

More on MetaMask Swap

To offer the best possible user experience and swap conditions, MetaMask Swap uses a variety of decentralized exchange aggregators. Additionally, professional market makers, and individual DEXs are taken into account. Throug combining all these services, the swap ensures that users get the most favorable prices for their swaps, including network fees.

Additionally, all swap rates announced before the swap happens already include the 0.875% fee the wallet requests. This is a pretty standard requirement for all swapping services, as facilitating this process expends resources. 

MetaMask Swap is a very handy feature of the popular Web3 wallet. It brings a new level of ease and convenience to the user experience. DappRadar will continue monitoring the development of this service as it gains traction among users. 

Are you a completely new user and have never interacted with a web3 wallet before? You can check out the official DappRadar YouTube channel. There you’ll find plenty of educational videos guiding you through setting up all applications you might need in the crypto world. 

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