Metakey NFTs: Third Edition Sold Out in No Time

Metakey NFTs

The NFTs were gone in 24 minutes, boosting volume more than 5000%

All third edition Metakey NFTs have successfully sold out. One thousand of the universal metaverse passes sold out in less than 24 minutes, each priced at 0.2 ETH or around $389 at the time of writing. 

This huge boost in activity skyrocketed the Metakey collection to the top of the charts, according to DappRadar data. The number of traders interacting with Metakey smart contracts shot up more than 3,600% in just 24 hours. Consequently, the volume rose by more than 5,500%, reaching $572,850 for the same period. 

Making it to the top five of the DappRadar top NFT collections ranking is not an easy feat. The Metakey’s performance has outpaced renowned collections like Axie Infinity and Bored Apes Yacht Club in the past 24 hours.  

While all top collections are experiencing upward trends in the past 24 hours, The Metakey is the clear winner. With huge percentage hikes, pushed by the drop of the third edition key collection, The Metakey even made it to the weekly top 10. 

The impressively minimal amount of time it took for one thousand NFTs to be sold is a clear indicator of the increased interest in the Metakey NFTs. 

What are Metakey NFTs?

The Metakey NFT is intended as a unifying token that can allow you to do or gain access to hundreds of services around the web. The project’s creators are continuously growing the network of partners that support the Metakey, thus allowing owners to use their NFT as login or another type of identification necessary. Currently, the Metakey boasts more than thirty institutional partners, and the list is growing.

For example, the same Metakey NFT unlocks a helmet in Decentraland, a special sword in the Sandbox, and VIP room access in Cryptovoxels, or Somnium Space. The goal is to make the Metakey have as many use cases as possible. 

Because of this increased usability and the numerous integrations across the metaverse, the Metakey collection is attracting waves of attention. So far, there have been three editions of Metakey NFTs, and all of them have sold out almost instantly. 

DappRadar will continue to monitor the Metakey’s development. There is no announcement regarding the next edition release date however, stay tuned.

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