Meet Isotile: The Cutest Virtual Room in the Metaverse

Meet Isotile: The Cutest Virtual Room in the Metaverse
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The Isotile virtual world now supports Arbitrum NFTs

Isotile is an Ethereum-based virtual world, created with the idea to allow NFT collectors to showcase their portfolios in a pixelated setting. Now the platform has announced an Arbitrum integration, allowing NFT enthusiasts to place their Arbitrum NFTs on display. 

While Arbitrum is the latest Layer-2 chain to join the Isotile ecosystem, the platform has already integrated numerous Ethereum-based collections. Players also have the opportunity to use their CryptoPunks and Mooncats NFTs as avatars in the interactive virtual world. 

Importantly, alongside the Arbitrum integration, Isotile has also launched a new display feature showing the chain on which each NFT is stored. Some of the newly integrated Arbitrum collections include Random Walk NFT, CastleDAO, and Airbots. 

The Isotile virtual room

Isotile is a virtual display room that checks your wallet’s NFT holdings and allows you to create a custom-made virtual gallery. Importantly, when starting out players get the basic room setup which has only two display walls.

However, if you want to purchase more display space, there are numerous options available in the Isotile shop. Structures with 4 and even 6 display walls and more floor space. Additionally, the platform has recently introduced furniture capabilities, which give collectors even more display space. 

The Isotile shop also gives collectors a chance to change the background of their space. With several wallpaper designs, this gives players a chance to further customize their room. Additionally, the Isotile team is working on further optimizations of the wall and display spaces on the platform. 

Check out the Genesis Avatar collection

Aside from integrating various NFT collections, they also launched its own NFT avatar project. The Isotile Genesis Avatars collection consists of 9,000 NFTs, each with unique traits and behavior characteristics displayed in the virtual world. 

Importantly, the pixelated virtual world brings in an innovative action-based trait to the metaverse. For example, if your Genesis Avatar NFT has the ‘Golden guitar’ trait, this will allow you to actually play the guitar once you’re logged in the Isotile virtual world. 

At the time of writing, the floor price for a Genesis Avatar NFT is 0.074 ETH, or about $200. This might seem like a relatively low price compared to big names in the space like BAYC, CryptoPunks, or Meebits. However, the Isotile collection has already generated 235 ETH in lifetime trading volume, which translates to about $638,824. Importantly, if you hold a Genesis Avatar you also get VIP status, giving you even more customization options on Isotile. 

With the constantly expanding list of integrations, Isotile is on the right track to attracting even more users and avatar owners. DappRadar will continue monitoring the metaverse and NFT space as this side of the blockchain ecosystem continues to develop. To learn the latest news first, follow DappRadar on Twitter, and check out DappRadar PRO

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