Meebits NFTs Attract Whale Activity, Floor Price Jumps 93%

Meebits NFTs Attract Whale Activity, Floor Price Jumps 93%

The number of traders interacting with the collection increased 680% in the past 24 hours

The 3D avatars from the Meebits NFT collection have held a relatively stable position in terms of floor price and activity in recent months. However, the past week has seen some serious spikes in activity for the Meebits, almost doubling the floor price of the NFT collection. 

According to DappRadar data, the collection’s smart contracts processed 250% more transactions in the past seven days. Additionally, the number of wallets interacting with the collection rose 235% over the same time period. 

What is more, the floor price for a Meebit NFT nearly doubled over the past seven days. Currently, the cheapest Meebits NFT on the secondary market has a price tag of $12,720. The recent spike in activity has pushed the Meebits collection to the forefront of the DappRadar Top NFT Collections charts

Whale activity and top-grossing sales

Aside from the rising number of traders interacting with the collection, there seems to be a spike in whale activity as well. According to DappRadar data, several wallets have been actively sweeping floor price Meebits in the past seven days. 

For example, this wallet bought 23 Meebits NFTs in the past seven days, boosting the total Meebits holdings in the portfolio to 29. It seems that the collector has decided to create a dedicated Meebits wallet, as this is the only collection present in the wallet. Impressively, the average price of the newly purchased meebits circles around 2.5 ETH, with a total investment of $164,000. This means that at the time of writing, the owner of the wallet has already generated quite the profit, considering the floor price for one of these NFTs now sits at around 4 ETH.  Another interesting example is the Shiven Vault address, which purchased 11 Meebits NFTs in the past seven days. 

What’s more, the overall number of holders for the collection has significantly decreased over the past 24 hours. We can interpret this as a situation where whales acquire more Meebits from smaller holders. 

Aside from whale concentration rising, the avatars are also attracting some top-grossing sales. In the past 24 hours, the collection has generated numerous sales for over 23 ETH, or more than $60,000 each. An important note here is that each of these is an elephant Meebits NFT, some of the rarest characters in the NFT collection. 

Monitor Meebits on DappRadar

Meebits is the second project by Larva Labs, the creators of CryptoPunks. Considering this, it is no surprise the collection is generating a lot of interest. However, the recent spike in activity is impressive, even for a high-value collection like this one. 

If you want to keep a close eye on the trading activity check out the official DappRadar Meebits page. There you’ll find information about the trading volume, recent sales, changes in floor price, and market cap valuation. 

Additionally, you can view your own holdings with the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker tool. Simply log in with your wallet address, and all your NFTs will pop up, showing information about the purchase price and current valuation. You can also follow DappRadar on Twitter to get the latest NFT news first. 

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