Meebits Copycat on Tron Attracts Heaps of Attention

TronMeebits volume reached over $1 million in less than 24 hours

A new Meebits copycat NFT project grabbed the Tron community’s attention as TronMeebits had a successful launch. The copycat version of the Ethereum-based Larva Labs Meebits collection already amassed a serious trading volume. In less than 24 hours, the collection has sold NFTs worth over $1.2 million. 

TronMeebits is a blatant copycat, there’s no denying that. However, seeing $1.2 million in trading volume is still a rather impressive achievement, considering the fact that the official TronMeebit marketplace has not launched yet. It is expected to go live in about a week, according to the official website.  

DappRadar data shows that in the 12 hours since the collection went live, more than 18,000 transactions have been completed. This is a remarkable number because the collection’s smart contracts registered interactions with only about 2,000 unique active wallets. 

Of course, less than 24 hours are not enough to gather meaningful data that might reveal future trends. However, the project starts out with a bang and a steady upwards curve in the opening hours. 

What are the Meebits copycat NFTs?

TronMeebits are an almost exact replica of the original Meebits collection. Impressively, even the description on the official website starts off as a direct copy of the Larva Labs announcement, only with the relevant names changed. 

The Tron-based collection consists of 20,000 3D Avatars with 8 different attributes, determining the rarity of an NFT. All NFTs have been directly copied from Ethereum, and therefore the #4 Meebit is the same as the #4 TronMeebit. The only way how TronMeebits presents a bit of originality is by adding Justin Sun himself into the collection. 

Visually, TronMeebits are identical to the original Larva Labs collection, aside from the fact that the Tron founder has made it into the collection. Additionally, the rarity of the pieces is also tied to their class – there are 5 Dissected, 10 Justin Sun, 18 Visitor, 57 Skeleton, 72 Robot, 256 Elephant, 711 Pigs, and 18871 Human TronMeebits NFTs. 

Interestingly, this is not the only copycat collection that has recently turned eyes. Just yesterday, Justin Sun bought a Tpunk for upwards of $10 million. Tpunks, much like TronMeebits, are a replica of the original Larva Labs creations. 

Tron community on TronMeebits

Since the TronMeebits official launch, the collections’ Twitter account has gained a lot of attention. Tron fans are jumping at the opportunity to own a piece of the first 3D NFT collection on the blockchain, even if it is a Meebits rip-off. 

Some NFT collectors are already announcing giveaways, and boosting attention for the collection further. For example, @KING_OF_D_NORTH launched a TronMeebits campaign worth 1000 TRX, or about $84 at the time of writing.

Meebits copycat

Considering the lower minting price, TronMeebits are attracting a lot of attention from the Tron community, especially people who missed out on purchasing an original Meebit NFT. The fact that all 20,000 TronMeebits NFTs were minted in less than 40 hours is also proof that the collection has gathered the Tron masses. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring TronMeebits as the official marketplace launches and secondary trading begins. Stay tuned!

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