McDonalds Metaverse Restaurants to Feature Food Delivery Service

McDonalds Metaverse
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Order your hamburgers and fries from the virtual world to your doorstep

McDonalds has filed trademarks, revealing plans to open food delivery services inside the metaverse. The iconic American fast-food chain filed ten trademark applications, revealing their plans to launch a virtual restaurant featuring actual and virtual goods with further plans to offer home delivery.

The news comes after McDonalds apparently threw up huge ads welcoming crypto bros to apply for jobs in the post-BTC crash last month. Faith is not without a sense of irony. The American restaurant chain looks like it is preparing to move into the metaverse by registering for ten trademarks in the virtual space. Trademark attorney and Founder of Gerben Intellectual Property Josh Gerben took to Twitter on February 9 with an image showing the trademark details. 

McDonalds Metaverse

The application outlines that the restaurant chain will provide “downloadable multimedia files” for artwork, audio and video files, and NFT. Additionally, plans include virtual food and beverage items and virtual facilities where users can congregate.

The golden arches join bakery and cafe chain Panera Bread to move its brand into the metaverse. Panera Bread submitted a similar trademark application on February 3 for a virtual restaurant and cafe chain called Paneraverse.

Big brands ape in 

McDonald’s is just the latest big brand announcing its entry to the metaverse. However, in this instance, they appear to be taking things a step further by allowing users of metaverse platforms to order food to be delivered to real-world locations—an idea glamorized in movies like Ready Player One. 

Metaverse munchies

The Decentraland community already tested a similar service by tapping into services by pizza chain Dominoes. A pizza booth allows people to order their actual pizza from within the virtual world, without the need to get out of their chairs. Until the doorbell rings, of course. 

McDonald’s and Domino’s are just a couple of the brands stepping into the metaverse. Dozens have already committed to a move into the virtual realms. This week we’ve seen Ubisoft acquiring land in The Sandbox, while there’s also a partnership with fashion house Gucci. 

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