Mars4 Looking to Build Stronghold in Metaverse

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MARS4 token now listed on Bittrex

The metaverse project Mars4 is looking to expand its virtual universe, and has now listed its native MARS4 token on Bittrex. The token launched earlier this year on SushiSwap, and allows users to acquire land parcels on a virtual version of Mars.

Having enough liquidity for a token is essential if you’re aiming to create a solid economy for a virtual world. Therefore it’s no surprise that Mars4 made their native token available on the centralized exchange Bittrex, after launching it on SushiSwap earlier this month.

The MARS4 token is the bread and butter of the Mars4 ecosystem, as users can use it to acquire land and design their own home-away-from-home on a virtual version of the Red Planet. In total, the virtual world offers 99.888 land parcels, but at the time of writing 52.890 land parcels already found an owner. So far it seems like locations around craters are the most popular spots. 

In the near future players will be able to decorate their land using in-game assets. Further down the line there will be terramorphing options, the introduction of actual game mechanics, and the ability for users to gamify their land. Mars4 wants to give more control to the community through a DAO, and land owners are of course the DAO members.

MARS4 token and the Mars land NFTs

An NFT signals ownership over a specific land parcel, making sure that each parcel has aunique identifier on the blockchain. Land owners in Mars4 will be able to decorate their virtual land in the future, but for now there are limitations to the utility. However, users can stake their Mars4 land NFTs for passive income, paid in MARS4 tokens.

Being early comes with potential benefits. There’s a limited amount of 4 billion MARS4 tokens on the market. As the virtual world develops and gains popularity, demand for the token might go up. Having passive income in MARS4 can therefore be considered a nice bonus of owning an NFT, with a potential enormous upside.

Gamers, investors, and enthusiasts can acquire the MARS4 token through SushiSwap or Bittrex. In addition, DappRadar allows users to trade any ERC20 token through the DappRadar Token Swap service, and that includes MARS4 in exchange for any token in your Metamask wallet on Ethereum.

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