Mars4 Launches Official NFT Marketplace

You can now browse through revenue-generating Mars NFTs

Mars4, the first virtual world allowing collectors to get their hands on a piece of the Red Planet, has officially launched its in-house NFT marketplace. There, collectors can browse through the available plots and register on the waiting list for the ones that they like best. 

The Mars4 platform is the first blockchain-based project to allow collectors to receive passive income through their NFTs. When a collector owns a land plot NFT, they are automatically included in the Mars4 yield generating system. This system ensures each transaction performed on the platform redistributes MARS tokens to the NFT holders.

What are Mars4 NFTs?

The main idea behind Mars4 land plot NFTs is to allow users to explore the Red Planet in a wholesome way. Designed after detailed pictures taken by NASA satellites, all land plot NFTs represent a real piece of Mars. 

Additionally, players and NFT owners can submerge themselves completely by experiencing their NFTs in 3D. As mentioned above, Mars4 NFTs are also key to DeFi and revenue-generating mechanics on the platform. All NFT holders are rewarded with a portion of each transaction performed on the platform.

In this sense, Mars4 NFTs bring a revolutionary bridge between the core sectors in the blockchain world. The platform combines gaming, NFTs, and decentralized finance. By employing the best parts of each of these sectors, Mars4 aims to facilitate a creative environment. It aims to bring a space where users can actively design and shape the look and feel of the metaverse. 

How can I get a Mars NFT?

With the official Mars4 marketplace launch, it is now easier than ever to get yourself on the waiting list for your favorite spot. Just visit the official marketplace website and start browsing. 

You can choose from several categories of plots, including Craters, Mountains, and Beautiful Places. Each plot has a detailed description page. There you can find out more about it and enter your name on the waiting list. From there, you can also enter the 3D visualization and see for yourself that this is the plot you’re actually looking for.


Additionally, Mars4 has organized a Telegram Sticker Contest. The contest can land you a grand prize in the form of a land plot NFT. Keep in mind that the deadline for submitting your sticker designs is August 18th. 


Stay tuned to find out more about Mars4. This is your opportunity to be among the first owners of a revenue-generating NFT of a piece of land on the Red Planet. 

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