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Doodles NFT sales

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After Doodle’s recent map reveal, its trading activity experienced a significant boost, and it has outperformed other blue-chip NFT collections over the past 7 days. In this article, we’ll examine Doodle’s data performance and what sets it apart from the crowded NFT market. Moreover, we will explore other notable collections making waves in the exciting NFT space.

Doodles’ colorful guide to its expanding universe

Doodle has just unveiled its Doodle Map, offering a colorful and interconnected glimpse into the universe they’re building. At the heart of this universe lies the OG Collection, surrounded by various products and experiences such as Doodlebank, Dooplicator, Doodles Records, The Stoodio, Planets, Space Doodles, and the already-launched Doodles 2, and Genesis Box.

Doodles’ recent unveiling of their Doodle Map has solidified the team’s commitment to innovation. It also aims to bring more people into its vibrant community. This vision has resonated with many users, further fueling trading activity. 

Doodles has been one of the best-performing blue-chip NFT collections in the last 7 days, with a growing support of traders and collectors. 

Doodles DappRadar

The collection has seen an impressive trading volume of $24.58 million, representing a significant increase of 70.81%. Sales have seen an incredible 84.57% increase to 2,835 sold NFT assets. Additionally, the floor price has gone up by 44%, currently sitting at $9,850. 

A snapshot of noteworthy trends in the NFT space

Is Owls the new Checks?

Owls is a recently launched NFT project featuring uniquely designed emoticon owls. And it has quickly gained popularity and already traded for an impressive $9.9 million within its first week. At the time of writing, the floor price of the series’ NFTs is temporarily set at 0.358 ETH ($560.6). 

Despite no official plans having been revealed yet, there are likely several reasons behind its surging in price and trading activities.

Owls NFT dappradar

The distinctive visual style of Owls has captured the attention of many NFT traders, setting it apart from other offerings in the market. Additionally, the free minting option has led to a large amount of sweeping, with some savvy investors already acquiring over a hundred Owls. 

Moreover, with only 32% of Owls owned by unique individuals, it’s relatively easy to manipulate the price. Below are some whale wallets that currently hold a large number of Owls NFTs.

It’s worth noting that Owls’ creator Rei Nicolas comes from a software engineer background, which might bode well for the project’s future. Additionally, it’s been observed that Nicolas has expressed admiration for Jack Butcher and his Checks collection. 

However, there are currently no official statements or hints from Nicolas regarding any specific developments or plans, and any guess about future directions is just speculation.

A look into MGLand’s multimedia social metaverse

MGLand is an NFT-powered virtual world on the blockchain. It allows users to socialize, play games, organize exhibitions, and trade their NFTs freely with ease. This ecosystem enjoys the support of its own governance token, MGL.

With MGLand, users can build their own space with a unique domain name and “invite” their NFTs to this social metaverse. This means that NFT holders of other projects can bring in their NFTs and use them as digital identities in their MGLand space.

Even though MGLand doesn’t have as powerful content creation features as those in The Sandbox or Decentraland, its social networking elements have captured users’ attention, resulting in an increase in both dapp and NFT trading activities.

MGLand DappRadar Data

In terms of dapp performance, MGLand has witnessed a remarkable uptick in user activity, with UAW reaching 1,840, a 68% increase from the previous week. Additionally, transactions have increased by 47%, totaling 2,170.

In NFT trading, MGLand has also shown exceptional growth. It has seen a significant increase in volume, totaling $19.49 million, a 120% jump. The number of traders has also grown by 19%, reaching 2,256, and sales have surged by 67%, surpassing 12,000. It is worth noting that most of the trading activity for MGLand takes place on the Blur NFT marketplace. 

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