Make Crypto Mobile with Celo Hackathon

Make Crypto Mobile with Celo Hackathon

Participate for a chance to grab prizes and funding worth $2.5 million

Celo is a mobile-first blockchain platform that makes financial dapps and crypto payments accessible to anyone with a mobile phone. The company is now looking to take DeFi for mobile to the next level through a hackathon. Events for the hackathon are already underway, and it will last until November 8th.

Celo is a proof-of-stake blockchain, EVM-compatible, open-source, and governed by users. Thanks to the Celo mobile app, you can easily buy, sell and earn crypto on the go. The company is now looking to increase the reach of blockchain technology across mobile devices. By launching the hackathon event, Celo aims to stimulate dapp developers to turn to mobile-friendly software creation. 

Celo hackathon tracks

The Celo hackathon will have six different tracks, focusing on different sectors and aspects of blockchain technology. With top prizes reaching up to $20.000, this is a great opportunity for developers to find seed funding for their future projects. 

The first track of the hackathon focuses on DeFi. Celo is looking to innovate and build new mobile-first decentralized applications relying on proof-of-stake and EMV-compatibility. The top prize for this track is $20.000, with two more prizes of $10.000 and $5000.

The second track focuses on NFTs and gaming. Both of these sectors have gone through a stellar development in the past couple of months. According to DappRadar data, only in Q3, wallets interacting with gaming platforms increased 140%. The gaming and NFT track of the hackathon aims to boost blockchain-based NFTs, games, and the marketplaces for them on mobile. Similarly, this track offers three grand prizes, the biggest being $20.000.

Among the other four tracks, competitors can find challenges focusing on sustainability, blockchain infrastructure development, and upgrade for fiat on- and off-ramps. In other words, there’s something for everyone. With a total prize pool of $2.5 million participants have a multitude of opportunities to get involved.

Blockchain industry sees tremendous growth

DappRadar is excited to see the blockchain industry growing. According to our latest Industry Report, the blockchain space has expanded by 509% in just one year. This is a massive success. However, the next step is to bring blockchain tech to even more people through mobile integrations.

Celo is on the right track to make this happen. Hackathons are a great way for developers to showcase their work, and earn seed funding. Of course, DappRadar will continue monitoring the industry as it grows and develops further. Consequently, if you are intrigued and want to participate in the Celo Hackathon you can sign up here.

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