List With Bittrex Global: Trusted by Over 500 Token Projects

List With Bittrex Global- Trusted by Over 500 Token Projects
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Reach millions of users when you list with Bittrex Global

Getting a token listed on Bittrex Global brings dapp projects into one of the best crypto trading communities in the world. Bittrex provides an excellent trading experience for professionals and novice customers alike, and their innovation pushes the industry forward. Listing on Bittrex helps dapp developers bring healthy growth to their ecosystem.

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In Q2 2022, the cryptocurrency market showed signs of recovery. According to the DappRadar Industry Report, the market capitalization of crypto increased 8.5% ($981 million) from July 1 to September 30. In addition, DeFi’s total value locked (TVL) was up 2.9% ($69 billion) in the third quarter compared to the previous one. 

The market valuation undoubtedly sheds light on the current state of cryptocurrency growth, but the industry’s sustainability rests on the adoption of users. On that note, we observed a 12% increase (1.8 million) in the industry’s unique active wallets in September compared to the previous month, which appears to be a positive sign.

The popularity of decentralized applications is going up. This is only possible with trading platforms that bridge the gap between users and crypto-powered projects by providing a secure, smooth and efficient exchange experience. 

Among such platforms is Bittrex Global, which delivers an institutional-grade trading experience for professional and novice clients. 

What is Bittrex Global?

Bittrex Global is one of the most trusted exchanges in the global blockchain industry. Known for its advanced security and compliance, millions of crypto users choose Bittrex Global to find and trade their next coin or token. Furthermore, the platform facilitates easy access to cryptocurrency investments for everyone by offering over 500 tokens to choose from, a mobile app marketplace, and instant buying and selling services.

Being one of the oldest exchanges, Bittrex Global has supported innovation and compliance since its inception in 2014. With headquarters in Liechtenstein and Bermuda, Bittrex Global boasts the backing of world-class regulatory financial systems, giving users the utmost peace of mind when trading cryptocurrencies.

What are the benefits of listing with Bittrex Global? 

Online trading platforms provide a gateway to accessing cryptocurrencies. Compliance, security, and a full range of coins are essential for users to evaluate whether the platform offers a user-friendly experience. Bittrex Global operates across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Teams can count on Bittrex to list cryptocurrencies because they are backed by the platform’s legitimacy and years of regulatory experience. 

In addition to the above, listing with it means teams will have access to one of the broadest and most established users in the cryptocurrency space. The platform has built a comprehensive matrix of user touchpoints for projects to run successful campaigns. 

Bittrex Global will work with the team to employ a well-rounded marketing strategy, leveraging the most effective channels to get the team’s project in front of its audience. So let’s take a look at what those channels are.

  • The Bit podcast appearances
  • Telegram posts & AMAs
  • Trading competitions
  • Explainer videos 
  • Email blasts
  • Featured newsletter appearances 
  • Twitter and Facebook announcements
  • Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn posts

How to list with Bittrex Global

Want to launch your project on one of the fastest-growing crypto marketplaces? The following steps give you a quick overview of how to smoothly join Bittrex Global’s platform.

  1. Head to this link to join the Bittrex Global Family. 
  2. Fill out the form containing contact, project, and exchange information. 
  3. Then the team will schedule a follow-up call with you to discuss the details.
  4. Once you’re listed, your coin or token will be available to millions of active crypto users.

Every step of the way, you can count on Bittrex Global’s support. From pre-listing to post-listing.

Pre-Listing: Expect regular calls to get your project moving through the listing process. Teams can complete this process in as fast as two weeks for certain tokens. 

Listing Rollout: Bittrex Global will harness its extensive marketing channels to provide your token with the support and attention it needs to succeed.

Post-listing: The Bittrex Global Platform looks to build partnerships, not just listings. After the launch, it will continue to drive partnership recommendations, product releases, and content forward.

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