Lisk Unveils Plans to Boost Ecosystem Expansion

Lisk 365 days

The 365 Days event brings you a recap of Lisk’s fruitful 2022

Lisk unveiled its ambitious plans for 2023 at its annual event, which will continue to fuel the growth of the Lisk community, platform, and developer support. In addition, the team shared its achievements for 2022 at the event and reaffirmed the project’s commitment to decentralization and transparency for users. 

365 Days of Lisk took place on November 24 at the Lisk Center in Berlin. This is the annual event for the entire Lisk blockchain ecosystem. During the event, the team revealed more details regarding the Grant Program for the coming year, the Ambassador Program, the brand new series of digital collectibles, and much more. Continue reading as we go over each of these exciting plans.


A more robust Grant Program to incubate projects

The Lisk Grant Program has been running for 18 months now. Since its launch in May 2021, it has had five waves of applicants and has successfully incubated various Web3 projects. 

For example, Enevti is a decentralized social media platform powered by NFTs. It aims to help fans get an authentic relationship with their favorite influencers. The project was built by a team from Indonesia and has established a dynamic community in the country.

Another project standing out is Topas City, a metaverse leveraging VR technology to bring an immersive experience to users. Topas City has just launched its beta version. The platform allows developers and artists to create unique in-game VR experiences within its virtual world. 

The new grant program will take place in the first quarter of 2023 with significant improvements. First, Lisk provides more project support by creating an in-house team dedicated to assisting them. This means more timely and comprehensive support.

In addition, the program is bringing in external partners with their expertise. The knowledge and services of these partners will be incorporated into the grant program, helping teams with everything from development, marketing, and community building.

Most importantly, next year, Lisk will introduce a more robust funding system for the new grant program. The program will ensure that entrepreneurs have access to more capital, up to CHF 250,000, to get the key resources for their projects to take off.

The Mehlves collectibles airdrop starts on Dec 20

Mehlves is a collection consisting of 112 collectibles. They have different rarities and are transferable among different holders. 

Starting December 20, the launch of the collection will be marked with multiple activities. These include Treasure Hunt in the Spatial metaverse, trivia and some random giveaways.

To participate in this event, you will need to join the Lisk Discord

Only a small amount of collectibles will be distributed every day, so participants will need to be fast! Also each Mehlf gives you access to a raffle worth 500 LSK. 

Key ecosystem members to drive collaboration

The Lisk community will have several types of key ecosystem members, Ambassadors and Assistants, and Community Bounty participants. Each is an individual program, and together they form the Advocate, a program that aims to maximize the use of talents in the community, let everyone participate, and foster the community to grow rapidly.

Now let’s dive a bit deeper into the Ambassadors Program, as it fuels collaboration within the Lisk community and enhances the network’s global presence. 

The program invites various types of contributors, such as blockchain enthusiasts, talented marketers, university students, and anyone who echoes the vision of Lisk and is ready to make an impact. The tasks of the Lisk Ambassadors include engaging and educating regional communities, providing local insights, forging business relationships, etc. 

If you believe your talents could contribute to these initiatives, then click the button below to join the Lisk community.

Watch the full event below

Lisk is looking forward to adding momentum to the building of the Web3 world by delivering a solid platform that empowers blockchain builders. 

Watch the video below to learn more about Lisk’s fruitful 2022 and join the community in envisioning a brighter 2023.

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