DappRadar to Judge in Lisk Onchain Spring Hackathon

lisk onchain spring hackathon event

More than $35,000 in prizes for 10 winners across 4 categories

DappRadar’s lead engineer Dominykas Murauskas is one of the judges in the Lisk Onchain Spring Hackathon, which kicks off in April. Lisk will offer more than $35,000 in prizes for 10 winners across 4 distinct categories, while sponsors like Optimism and Gelato add additional prizes. 

The Lisk Onchain Spring Hackathon is the first initiative for developers since the ecosystem migrated to Optimism. Lisk recently made the transition to become a Layer-2 in Optimism’s OP Superchain ecosystem, meaning that Web3 developers can use Solidity to build dapps on the EVM-compatible network.

The hackathon developers will need to build a project using Solidity smart contracts before deploying it to the Lisk L2 testnet. Each team or every individual developer can submit their projects in one of the four categories:

  • Real world assets (RWA) – usage of blockchain in real-world scenarios, like supply chain solutions, identity management or tokenization of physical items.
  • DePIN – DePIN stands for decentralized physical infrastructure, which involves IoT integrations, smart city solutions, energy trading platforms, computation sharing and so on.
  • DeFi – In the decentralized finance category, everything goes if it involves decentralized exchange, lending protocols, yield farming or other financial services.
  • Gaming – In the gaming category developers can make marketplaces, provably fair gaming mechanisms, metaverse projects etc.

Lisk Onchain Spring Hackathon rewards

Lisk and its partners will offer more than $35,000 in prizes. Winners in each of the four categories, will receive $4,000 in LSK, while the runner-up receives $2,000 in LSK. In addition, one team will win the Best of Show reward, earning $5,000, while the Honorable Mention gets $1,000 in LSK.

Sponsorship from Gelato enabled additional prizes to each of the development teams. Depending on the amount of Gelato Service Integrations, teams can win $250, $500 or $750 in GEL tokens. Moreover, every prize winner will be considered for the Lisk Grant Program, ensuring additional support and funding to bring the project to life.

Dates and details

Lisk Onchain Spring Hackathon is an online event, and submissions for the event will open on 2 April. Developers can submit their projects until 14 May 2024. In total there’s room for 32 participating teams, and teams compete for $38,750 in prize money. 

The judging will come from various organizations within the dapp industry, including Ledger, ETH Lisbon and DappRadar. Our lead engineer Dominykas Marauskas will judge the participating projects together with the other judges. 

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