Lisk Extended Its $1.3 Million Grant Program to Fifth Wave

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The fifth wave started on May 23, 2022

Lisk has extended its Grant Program for another wave due to great interest among developers. Lisk firmly believes that it is crucial to support great ideas and promising teams to aid the mass adoption of blockchain. For that, the extension of the Lisk Grant Program continues to provide startup teams with all the resources needed to take off smoothly in today’s rapidly changing environment. 


  • Lisk, the blockchain application blockchain, extended the $1.3 million Grant Program to support developers as well as fuel its ecosystem expansion. 
  • Joining the program will equip developers with the necessary resources, including capital, network, and mentorship.
  • Currently, the program has successfully incubated various projects. These projects are DAOs, NFT marketplaces, educational platforms, etc., thriving in different sectors on Lisk. 

More funding for more market growth

Blockchain and the tremendous universe of decentralized applications and services have grown faster than ever, significantly transforming existing industries. According to DappRadar’s April Behavior Report, Avalanche is processing 10,500% more transactions than a year ago, Polygon 2,000%. Solana, the eighth biggest chain by market cap, has grown its transaction numbers by 9,700% from Q1 last year. 

These numbers show that the expansion of blockchain is accompanied by the rapid evolution of alternative public chains. Their emergence is to better address users’ and developers’ needs in various ways, such as energy-saving, lower transaction fees, and more developer-friendly tools. The extension of Lisk’s Grant Program is to fulfill such expansion, and also to respond to developers’ great interest in joining the dynamic Lisk ecosystem. 

This fifth wave of the program started on May 23rd and will last three months. Notably, the funding provides $1.3 million to support and incentivize promising startup teams and their brilliant ideas. 

How does the Lisk Grant program benefit startup teams?

Many developers hope to establish a career in crypto, but several problems have held them back. Blockchain programming languages, such as Solidity and Ruby, are new to developers, making them hesitant to enter this field. At the same time, developers and entrepreneurs may not have the necessary resources to incubate their ideas.

The Lisk Grant Program can provide startup teams with a chance to hit two birds with one stone. First of all, the program offers the opportunity to build blockchain applications using the popular JavaScript and receive significant funding for development. Moreover, developers can leverage the powerful Lisk SDK to fundamentally speed up the launch process for their projects. 

Apart from enjoying the efficiency of Lisk’s technical infrastructure, startup projects can potentially find their team members within the Lisk Community, where inspiration and innovation spark in various aspects.

It is also worth mentioning that teams have the freedom to choose which areas to develop applications for. Applicable areas include but are not limited to NFTs, DAOs, oracles, stablecoins, etc. Basically, the program accepts every valuable idea that can contribute to innovation in the blockchain space. 

Last but not least, all intellectual properties and rights generated during the Lisk Grant Program stay with the team behind the project.

Get inspiration from program winners

The first four waves of Lisk’s Grant Program have witnessed and incubated many successful projects, and they have been adding diversity to Lisk’s ecosystem

  1. RGB is a community-driven NFT platform that allows users to create collaborative NFTs. It allows many users to contribute to one piece of artwork. In this way, RGB created an innovative way to experiment with public art. Invited users will add pixels to a blank canvas over two weeks. Once the NFT gets auctioned off, 95% of the final price will be split among a choice of users as a reward.
  2. Idntty is a digital identity security solution that aims to provide an infrastructure for developers and a simple solution for end-users to manage their private data and digital signatures. Idntty offers an open, secure, cryptographic tool that people can use for e-signatures and digitized proof of identity.
  3. Topas City is a metaverse game using a mix of VR, WebXR, and blockchain technology to give users a virtual experience. In Topas City, players can experience games in the arcade, meet new friends in the bar, trade virtual assets, and earn tokens.

These are just a few of the projects in the Lisk ecosystem, and many more are in the pipeline. If you would like to know how to complement the existing Lisk ecosystem or simply seek inspiration, join the Lisk Chat. To learn more about the Grant Program, you can also check out the following channels:





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