Lisk: A Modular Blockchain Platform for JavaScript Developers

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Lisk offers an easy-to-use and yet comprehensive blockchain application ecosystem

Lisk aims to become the most accessible blockchain to developers by allowing them to build blockchain applications on a modularity-enabled blockchain. With Lisk, developers can build, publish, distribute, and monetize applications using a software development kit (SDK) that supports customizable blockchain applications.


  • Lisk strives to provide a blockchain infrastructure that empowers JavaScript developers to build blockchain applications quickly and efficiently.
  • Modularity is another prominent feature of the Lisk blockchain, allowing developers to build their ideal blockchain application with agility.

To bring the ultimate efficiency to developers, Lisk chose JavaScript, the most popular programming language globally. The underlying reason for Lisk’s choice is simple. Since JavaScript enjoys the advocacy from many developers, it means that migrating applications to the Lisk blockchain doesn’t require developers to reinvent them with a new language. Additionally, developers can quickly build new blockchain applications with Lisk’s easy-to-use SDK and extensive documentation resources. It is also worth mentioning that modularity is another major feature of Lisk. This enables developers to break down the system into separable and reconfigurable components, improving efficiency.

Highlights of Lisk‘s modularity-enabled blockchain 

The best software development tools usually feature high modularity, allowing the reuse and reassembling of “modules”. Modularity also fosters innovation as new ideas become more agile to implement. As the following diagram shows, developers can create blockchain applications on the Lisk blockchain highly modularly.

Lisk Javascript app

Notably, modules on Lisk allow developers to define how data is stored on the blockchain, the logic executed per block, and the logic implemented per transaction. If developers wish to extend and customize a more advanced blockchain application, they can create a new module based on the specific requirements.

Lisk’s modularity-enabled blockchain evolves rapidly in response to ever-changing market demands. Modules capable of handling functions with higher complexity keep joining Lisk’s development toolbox. 

NFT Module

A dedicated NFT module can help developers achieve various goals. First, it provides blockchain developers who require NFTs in their blockchain applications with an easy-to-use, out-of-the-box, and straightforward solution. The NFT module defines a standard module store and possesses a set of functions, ensuring interaction with the stored NFT safely and simply. Furthermore, it guarantees that the NFT format used by the multiple applications of the Lisk ecosystem are compatible with each other, and transferring NFTs from one chain to another becomes easier than ever.

Interoperability Module

The Lisk mainchain plays a central role in the Lisk ecosystem. It acts as an intermediary chain, relaying cross-chain messages between sidechains. To enable smooth and efficient communication between chains, the interoperability module will play a crucial role. It provides essential functionalities to transmit information between chains in the Lisk ecosystem.

Lisk invites JavaScript developers to join its network

Lisk wants to reach out to and equip any developer interested in blockchain development, especially those that have mastered JavaScript. As a firm believer in blockchain interoperability, Lisk endeavors to provide the most versatile infrastructure for the next generation of web applications. Since last year, Lisk has launched the Lisk Grant Program to accelerate this process. In the future, Lisk will keep striving to create a dynamic blockchain ecosystem and incubate promising projects. Up till now, a number of projects have been powered by Lisk, including Kalipo, a platform supporting decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), doEdu, an educational platform, Colecti, a Lisk-based NFT marketplace, and many more.

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