Lil Baby Lights the House on Fire at BAYC Ape Fest

Lil Baby Lights the House on Fire at BAYC Ape Fest

The rapper owns BAYC #129 and MAYC #10259

Lil Baby, a hotshot American rapper, stole the show at the first-ever Bored Ape Yacht Club Ape Fest, which started on October 31st. The final night of the fest, November 3rd, featured a massive Warehouse Party At Brooklyn Steel, New York, where Lil Baby performed for the BAYC community. 

BAYC fans went crazy for the performance as live streams and videos started flooding social media. Lil Baby enjoyed performing for the BAYC community, being a member himself. He decided to mutate his Bored Ape #129 following the event and posted about that on Twitter. 

BAYC Ape Fest 2021

Bored Ape Yacht Club is among the most sought-after NFT collections at the moment. Aside from the great art, one of the main reasons for its success is its community. Thanks to an ambitious roadmap that focuses primarily on community-driven events and perks, the collection has attracted a massive following. 

The first annual BAYC Ape Fest was one of the grand events drafted out in the roadmap. Community members were buzzing with excitement prior to the event. After all, this was one of the largest gatherings of BAYC fans.

The event lasted four days, with a wide variety of pop-up shows, merch displays, and art exhibitions. The final event of the fest was a huge Warehouse Party At Brooklyn Steel. After four days of BAYC mania, Lil Baby stole the hearts and souls of the community with an electric performance. 

Aside from the “lit” final party, BAYC members were also able to enjoy the first-ever BAYC yacht party.

Lil Baby joins the ranks

Lil Baby was riding high on the BAYC emotions following the party and decided to mutate his Bored Ape #129. When announcing that he now owns Mutant Ape #10259 on Twitter, he gave DappRadar the opportunity to verify his wallet and add him to the DappRadar Celebrity Wallets list. 

Lil Baby is not the first and definitely not the last big name from the music industry to join the NFT craze. With names like Snoop Dogg and Jay Z already ahead in the game, we expect to see many more celebrities taking this step.

At the time of writing, Lil Baby has a modest collection of only 4 NFTs in his portfolio. However, because two of these belong to the BAYC ecosystem, his total portfolio is worth upwards of $150.000. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the NFT space as more celebrities join in. If you are curious to explore celebrity wallets, and learn more about the projects they invest in, check out the official DappRadar Celebrity Wallets list. You can also browse through the links below to have a look through Lil Baby’s portfolio, as well as other influential music industry NFT collectors. 

Lil Baby
snoop dogg
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