Learn How to Build Dapps on Telos, the Low-cost, High-performance EVM Chain

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Join the Telos AMA to learn about the most powerful and scalable Ethereum smart contract platform

Telos is a lightning-fast EVM-compatible blockchain with one of the fastest-growing communities in Web3. The network can easily support 10,000 transactions per second and offers near-zero transaction costs. Moreover, Telos strives to empower developers to build dapps for the ultimate experience and invites them to join its upcoming AMA to learn more about Telos’ capability.


  • Telos blockchain’s ecosystem is developing rapidly.
  • Telos EVM stands out with its unique technical design, featuring various advantages.
  • The Telos team invites developers to join the upcoming AMA and find out more about Telos’ potential. 

Telos Blockchain (TLOS) is a decentralized, ESG (environment, social, and governance) compliant layer-1 blockchain that made its inception in 2018. Leading the innovation in the blockchain ecosystem, Telos offers users extraordinary experiences with immediate transaction finality and extremely low costs. 

The Telos ecosystem is developing rapidly in various sectors. According to DappRadar, many dapps on Telos have achieved milestones since their launch. For example, APPICS dominates the Telos leaderboard in popularity and is ranked number eight among all the social dapps. 

After years of robust development, Telos introduced EVM compatibility to provide an optimal solution for Solidity-based applications, fueling DeFi and NFT fields to thrive. When a blockchain is EVM compatible, dapps existing on Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, and others can easily move over to the Telos blockchain as well. As a result, teams looking for efficient, cheap, and scalable blockchain infrastructure have chosen to join the Telos EVM ecosystem to seek quick launch for their projects. The picture below shows the projects running on Telos EVM, with many more in the pipeline.  

What is Telos EVM, and what makes it unique?

Telos EVM is an optimal choice for developers familiar with the Solidity programming language while looking for a scalable Ethereum compatible solution. Unlike other EVM chains, Telos EVM is not just a fork of the original Go Ethereum code. Instead, it’s an entirely new EVM redesigned from scratch to fully unleash the power that Telos technology provides. The unique design has brought Telos EVM various advantages.

The lightning-fast Telos blockchain can create two new blocks every second. Moreover, they built Telos EVM for high throughput, supporting 10,000 transactions per second. That’s 100 times the capacity of Ethereum.

Cost-efficiency is another highlight of Telos EVM. For example, Telos EVM can execute transactions with only 0.1% of the gas fees required by Ethereum. Notably, most Telos EVM transactions will cost as little as around $0.01. With such a low transaction cost, traders will be able to transact amounts of as little as $1 and still see a profit. Therefore, Telos EVM has the capability to revolutionize the landscape of the vibrant DeFi and NFT sectors. 

Most important of all, Telos highly values a community-driven blockchain ecosystem. The Telos blockchain is built with clear rules, and there are penalties for validators if they break these rules. On Telos, all block producers must process transactions on a first-in, first-out basis as they receive them. They cannot reorder transactions for profits. Together, these factors provide strong protection from any front-running on Telos EVM.

Build dapps with Telos EVM

build dapps telos

Telos launched its very first Telos EVM Hackathon in February 2022 to invite Ethereum-based developers to bring their ambitions and ideas to the Telos EVM. The Hackathon offered a chance to win a prize worth approximately $200,000 USD. Additionally, the Telos Foundation has locked in 12 million TLOS crypto tokens to accelerate the expansion of the Telos ecosystem over the next four years.

It is worth mentioning that Telos endeavors to promote the mass adoption of blockchain technology by supporting talented developer teams with all kinds of resources. The upcoming AMA invites developers to explore the unlimited opportunities of Telos EVM. Join the AMA on May 6, 17:00 UTC, with Telos’ core developers, Jesse Schulman and Kersten Wirth. They can tell you all about building user-friendly, cost-efficient, and scalable dapps with Telos EVM. 

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