Leading Exchange on Klaytn Attracts 28.000 Users per Month

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Over $1.8 billion in volume moved through the DEX

Klaytn blockchain’s leading decentralized exchange attracts more than 28.000 active user wallets per month. Over the past 30 days KlaySwap has seen almost half a billion transactions going through its smart contracts, good for more than $1.86 billion in transactional volume.

Even though Klaytn isn’t a household name yet in the wider DeFi ecosystem, KlaySwap still sees considerable numbers of users. With 15.000 unique active wallets in the past 7 days, the dapp reaches 6th place in the DappRadar Rankings for Exchanges. That places the DEX behind Trader Joe, Uniswap and QuikSwap, but ahead of Bogged Finance and Mimoswap.

However, if we look at the trading volume flowing through the smart contracts of these decentralized exchanges, we see a stronger performance by KlaySwap. With $610 million in the past 7 days, the exchange on Klaytn performs better than QuickSwap on Polygon and Alcor Exchange on Wax.

DappRadar Rankings: Exchanges – Nov 24th, 2021

You can go to the KlaySwap dapp page and give the DEX a try for yourself. To get a better understanding of the wider ecosystem, check the Klaytn Rankings. If you’re making dapps on Klaytn yourself, you can add them to our tracking services using this page

What is KlaySwap?

KlaySwap is a decentralized exchange on the Klaytn blockchain. Users can use the native Klip wallet on their mobile device, or login using Metamask. On KlaySwap users can deposit various tokens, including of course KlaySwap’s KSP and the KLAY token. Various other cryptocurrencies like BNB, BTC, USDT and ETH can enter the Klaytn ecosystem using a bridge.

In the blockchain space Klaytn isn’t a big name yet, because Klaytn has a strong focus on the Asian and specifically the South Korean market. It’s a blockchain made by Ground X, a daughter company of South Korean tech company Kakao. The blockchain already has a partnership with Samsung, Netmarble, LG, Pearl Abyss and so on. Don’t be surprised if payment and chat services run by Kakao will move onto Klaytn in the near future as well. Klaytn combines elements of public and private chains, allowing users to have a smooth and worry-free experience while interacting with the blockchain.

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