Lazy Lions Roaring with $32 Million in Trading Volume

lazy lions 32 million

The Lion NFT avatars find traction as the community grew to almost 5000 members

Lazy Lions has seen over $32 million in NFT trading volume, as collectors spend good money to be part of the community. Within these profile-picture NFT avatar communities there are whales, owning dozens or hundreds of NFTs from one collection. Taking a look at these whales can provide interesting insights, and could reveal the next big thing. 

Over the past month Lazy Lions have been making a name for themselves, and the animal-themed NFT collection even got the attention of NBA superstar Seth Curry. The collection has seen more than $28 million in trading volume over the past 30 days, and that’s reason enough to look a bit deeper into it and its collectors. 

An introduction into Lazy Lions

CryptoPunks, Bored Apes Yacht Club, CryptoKitties, Pudgy Penguins are well-known, established, and popular non-fungible token (NFT) collections with prices that reach unprecedented heights. Following in their footsteps is another one of the latest obsessions to join these major players in the NFT field – Lazy Lions. Comprising a collection of 10,000 randomly generated NFT lion characters, each Lazy Lion is unique and programmatically generated from more than 160 possible traits. These traits include expressions, clothing, accessories, mane, colors, states, and so on. There are even fish Lazy Lions from the LionFish signature series, as well as the cloud-shaped CloudLions. 

The lions reside on a private island in a secured, top-secret location on the Ethereum blockchain, open only to the VIP members of the Lazy Lion community. Between September 25th and October the 2nd, the collectors can acquire their own Bungalows on the island for free (except for the gas fee) and furnish them. Importantly, Lazy Lions Bungalows are only available to collectors who already have a Lazy Lion NFT in their wallet. 

Collectors can keep and display their Lazy Lion NFTs in the Bungalows. Additionally, these private gallery spaces allow collectors to customize their walls with NFTs from other collections as well. Thanks to this, the Bungalows are widely different depending on the owner and prove to be a practical space for showing off multiple NFT collections. What’s even better is that each Bungalow is also an NFT in itself. 

More than $28 million in one month

Over the past 30 days, Lazy Lions have seen more than 3000 transactions, by more than 2780 users. The 30-day trading volume for the collection currently stands at 9,472.23 ETH or more than $28.7 million. The highest trading volume, transaction amounts and number of participating users were recorded on August 6th, 2021. At the time, $1.38M in Lazy Lions NFTs traded among 1430 users, in 2900 transactions.

In the past 24 hours, Lazy Lions had recorded 98 sales, with a trading volume of 287.21 ETH. The average price collectors paid for Lazy Lions during this time was 2.93 ETH ($8,366).

Biggest Lazy Lions sales

At the moment of writing, the most expensive Lazy Lion to this date was #1797, which switched owners for a whopping $57.79K (19.69 ETH). Its current owner (under the pseudonym stronghands.eth or @HandsStrong on Twitter) has placed a new price tag on it, evaluating it at $290K or 100 ETH. The owner has two more Lazy Lions, but no Bungalows yet.

The second-best is Lazy Lion #5512, with a signature bloodied mouth, which sold for $51.27K. It is currently not up for sale. Lazy Lion #7384, which is part of a CloudLion signature series, is the third best-performing Lazy Lion NFT. It sold for $48,720 or 17 ETH. It is currently listed with a speculative price of $647,332 or 222 ETH.

Whale Lions “pride” themselves with many Lazy Lions

Some addresses stand out for the amount of Lazy Lions that they own. The first one, which carries the pseudonym stronghands.eth, has an enviable collection of 152 Lazy Lions. A wallet that has 116 of these kings of the jungle and an address that is the proud owner of 107 Lazy Lions follow in second and third place.

The major Lazy Lions collectors are also holders of other successful NFT avatar collections. Specifically, stronghands.eth has a large quantity of many other NFTs, including 122 CryptoKitties, 143 CyberKongz VX, 620 Cypher City CYPHERS, 465 Ether Tulips, 101 SupDucks, and 420 krazy koalas, just to name a few. Our DappRadar Portfolio deepdive also shows that stronghands.eth has also claimed all his 152 Lazy Lions Bungalows.

The second-best owner of Lazy Lions has also invested in 124 Sleeper Hits and 3 Lazy Lions Bungalows. The next-best wallet also holds 21 Panda Dynasty NFTs and as many as 107 Lazy Lions Bungalows. Finally, the wallet that purchased 90 Lazy Lions and claimed 91 Bungalows has also acquired 210 Voxies. Another wallet has purchased 90 Lazy Lions and 90 Bungalows, but no other NFTs. 

Clearly, big-time Lazy Lions whales are also interested in other NFT collections. However, while most of them have diversified portfolios, we can see that there are wallets exclusively dedicated to the lion-themed collection. 

Stronghands.eth seems to be a collector worth following, using the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker. Their wallet contains almost $1 million in tokens, including VOLT tokens received from the SupDucks collection. This wallet truly belongs to an NFT whale. 

Their most recent purchases

NFT whales rarely sit still for long, without buying into other collections that they believe have great potential. The owner of the most Lazy Lions has most recently also bought CyberKongs VX (over the previous two days) and AlphaBetty Doodles (one day ago). 

The runner-up has most recently bought Sleeper Hits (one day ago). One of the third-placers, with 90 Lazy Lions wadesvault.eth, has most recently purchased Voxies and Crypto Chicks (over the previous day). 

We can conclude that the biggest Lazy Lions NFT whales like animal-themed collections in general. With appearances like CrypotKongz, SupDucks, and CryptoKitties the animal kingdom definitely has a strong presence. However, there are no representatives of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, or Pudgy Penguins in these whale wallets.

This is not investment advice, but looking into the actions of big wallets can give other investors an idea where to go or what project to avoid. When one whale owns too much, they can influence the price of an entire collection. However, savvy investors can lead the way to potential successful trades. 

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