Las Vegas Sphere Puts Refik Anadol On Every NFT Trader’s Wishlist

Refik Anadol winds of yawanawa
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Anadol’s latest NFT collection is currently trading at 8.49 ETH, a 100% increase in 30 days

Various Refik Anadol’s NFT art collections have recently surged, with Winds of Yawanawa seeing a trading volume surpassing 1,100 ETH. This increase ties directly to the anticipation of Anadol’s AI artwork premiering on the world’s largest LED screen in Las Vegas, the Sphere. To understand why Anadol’s art holds such value and explore current art market dynamics, read the full article.


Sphere Las Vegas unveiling ignites collectors’ passion for Anadol’s AI art

During the past weekend, several NFT art collections by the famous AI artist Refik Anadol experienced a noteworthy uptick in trading metrics. For instance, Winds of Yawanawa recorded a staggering 505% surge in NFT trading volume in 24 hours. Meanwhile, Synthetic Dreams exhibited its own impressive performance, demonstrating a noteworthy 100% rise in trading volume within the same period.

Refik Anadol NFT value

This increased interest can be attributed to the upcoming exhibition of Anadol’s groundbreaking AI artwork, Machine Hallucinations — Sphere. Starting on 1 September, the art piece will be showcased on the largest LED screen canvas, known as the Sphere, in Las Vegas.

The Sphere aims to captivate audiences starting 29 September 2023, with a series of concerts by the legendary band U2. Anadol’s creation, a mind-blowing AI data sculpture, serves as the inaugural masterpiece of the Exosphere art program. 

It’s important to note that this masterpiece is not being offered as an NFT. Nonetheless, this announcement has ignited enthusiasm among art collectors, prompting them to explore and invest in Anadol’s other NFT collections. 

How Refik Anadol’s notable NFT artworks performed in the market

Refik Anadol is a globally acclaimed media artist, director, and trailblazer in machine intelligence aesthetics. His studio, an early advocate for blockchain technology, has seamlessly incorporated NFTs into numerous art projects. For a comprehensive overview of Refik Anadol’s NFT creations and insightful data analysis, DappRadar provides an invaluable resource.

Winds of Yawanawa 

Winds of Yawanawa is Refik Anadol’s latest NFT venture, a collection of 1000 distinctive Data Paintings. These artworks ingeniously incorporate weather data sourced from the Yawanawa tribe’s village in the Amazon rainforest, encompassing elements like wind speed, gusts, direction, and temperature. 

The collection has been warmly embraced by collectors, with its trading volume steadily increasing week after week. However, it is the Sphere exhibition that propelled it to new heights. Between 28 August and 3 September, the collection recorded an impressive trading volume of $662,959, marking the highest weekly performance since its debut. The number also translates into a remarkable 54% week-over-week increase. 

winds of Yawanawa

Just launched in July, the collection has already amassed an impressive total trading volume exceeding $1.8 million (~1,100 ETH).

Even more notably, its floor price has maintained a consistent upward trajectory since its inception, currently standing at 8.49 ETH ($13,906), reflecting an impressive 100% increase over the past 30 days.

winds of yawanawa refik anadol

Synthetic Dreams

In November 2021, Synthetic Dreams was born, a series that fuses Google Quantum AI data with 200 million global landscape images. The resulting algorithmic images capture the essence of earthly pigments, shapes, and patterns, paying tribute to the boundless poetic beauty of our planet.

synthetic dreams landscape refik anadol

Diverging from Refik’s typical style, this collection features static images, offering a different artistic perspective. Although the Synthetic Dreams had remained relatively quiet for some time, it has recently re-emerged into the public eye. 

Over the past week, there have been 15 sales traded at an average price of $3,480. This resurgence in activity has driven its floor price to over $4,080 (~2.48 ETH), marking an impressive 89.42% 7-day increase.

Refik Anadol NFT auction record

Refik Anadol has built a strong reputation as a pioneering artist in the field of media art and AI-driven creations. His work has been exhibited in prestigious galleries and institutions around the world, which has contributed to his credibility and high prices fetched at auction houses.

(Image: Christie’s)

Some of Refik Anadol’s most expensive NFT artworks:

Machine Hallucinations is an ongoing project by Anadol and his art studio. Notably, NFTs from this series hold the highest value. The genesis of this iconic series can be traced back to Anadol’s experience at Google’s Artists & Machine Intelligence Program in 2016. 

During this period, he delved into themes that have seamlessly interwoven neuroscience, architecture, and AI. These explorations have laid a solid foundation for his mesmerizing Machine Hallucinations series.

Art’s journey into the digital age

In 2022, Post-War and Contemporary art commanded a significant 54% share of global auction sales, as reported by The Art Basel and UBS Art Market Report 2023. However, the valuation of top-priced works often shrouds in mystery, with their worth relying heavily on art dealers’ narratives. Despite this, Contemporary art usually reflects the themes of our modern times.

Also categorized under Contemporary art, generative and AI art emerge as a unique fusion of artistic expression and technology, providing a fresh lens for understanding modern art. Additionally, the rise of NFTs as asset storage has thrust NFT-powered artworks into the spotlight at major auctions.

This burgeoning frontier of art is undeniably fascinating. At DappRadar, we closely monitor these trends, and invite you to explore deeper with our insightful articles, reports, and data tools. 

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