Introducing Kyoto, the Blockchain Designed to Scale Carbon Markets

Kyoto carbon markets v2

Empowering PRO members to make a difference through the KYOTO token airdrop

Kyoto is an ecosystem which leverages the power of decentralization and interoperability, while focusing on sustainable  solutions. With its own smart chain and the KYOTO token, this nascent ecosystem is poised to disrupt the industry through its climate tech offering. 

Kyoto started its journey on 22 April 2022, on World Earth Day, with the belief that blockchain technology has the power to solve the challenges today’s antiquated Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) struggles with. The founders sought to create a blockchain ecosystem that not only scales the VCM but also incubates ReFi through a digital only carbon offset solution.

Since then they’ve built a community of 170,000 users across X, Discord and Telegram. Later this year, the team will launch the KYOTO token on decentralized and centralized exchanges which, in turn,will power its smart chain. 

The Kyoto Smart Chain explained

Kyoto Smart Chain is an EVM-compatible proof-of-stake blockchain which already offers DeFi services and infrastructure found on many other blockchains, such as Ethereum, Polygon and BNB Chain. However, Kyoto’s key differentiators lie in its focus on climate finance and making a positive impact on our planet. 

The blockchain is the first to contribute 25% from each transactional gas fee to offset carbon emissions via reforestation – meaning that any user, DeFi protocol or business can contribute towards fighting climate change, simply by using Kyoto’s network. The project also offers an end-to-end interoperable toolkit that allows for the digitization, retirement and trading of a new, voluntary carbon standard asset class. This market currently has a value of $2 billion, but forecasters expect a $50 billion valuation by 2030 and $250 billion by 2050. Kyoto wants to help businesses to offset their emissions by reducing costs and challenges such as greenwashing and double counting. Through Kyoto, over a million trees have already been planted, and that’s just the beginning. 

Kyoto capitalizes on the latest market trend in Web3, real-world assets or RWAs. In addition, the birth of DePIN has spurred the adoption of blockchain technology with real business applications. That’s exactly the field where Kyoto thrives. Carbon markets create new economies, and with Kyoto Blockchain’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) they want to bring a digital-first carbon credit to market. 

Kyoto and DappRadar

Ahead of Kyoto’s blockchain launch, DappRadar has partnered with them to onboard the DappRadar PRO members into the Kyoto community. A total of 75,757 KYOTO tokens will be distributed to PRO members. However, PRO members do need to complete the Quest in order to claim their airdrop. 

Kyoto and the future

Kyoto Smart Chain,and the KYOTO token offer a unique proposition in the blockchain landscape, enabling decentralized applications to thrive on a carbon negative ecosystem. With a market cap of less than $25 million KYOTO offers a strong value proposition to disrupt the market. 

Kyoto Smart Chain already allows any Solidity developer to deploy their existing EVM-compatible smart contracts. Therefore 99% of the DeFi space can expand to the Kyoto ecosystem. Web3 enthusiasts can simply use their MetaMask wallet to connect to Kyoto, while developers can apply for the $1M Kyoto Grant Program

Closing words

The unique proposition offered by Kyoto, positions the ecosystem at the forefront of innovation. Not only technologically, but also ecologically. With Kyoto on the horizon, DappRadar PRO members can claim their stake in the Kyoto  ecosystem. Discovering and exploring a new, young ecosystem such as Kyoto is exciting, and we can’t wait for a future where the entire Web3 community aligns to make the world a better place. 

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