Klaytn Hosts Flagship Global Klaymakers22 Hackathon with over $1 Million to Support Developers

Klaytn Klaymakers22 Hackathon

Klaymakers22 is Klaytn’s flagship global hackathon

Klaytn is an open-source, public blockchain for anyone who wishes to build, work, or play in the metaverse. It strives to become the fundamental infrastructure for the metaverse. Klaytn invites tech talents worldwide to its global Klaymakers22 Hackathon to win over $1 million in prizes, grant funding, and incubation opportunities.


  • Klaymakers22 is Klaytn’s flagship global hackathon, organized in partnership with DoraHacks.
  • Klaymakers22 aims to showcase the creativity and diversity of Web3 developers around the world.
  • The hackathon will run from August 29 to September 30, 2022.
  • Klaytn will give out a total of more than $1 million across a $300,000 prize pool, sponsored challenge prizes, grant funding, and incubation opportunities.
  • The hackathon introduces five tracks for teams to participate in. They are the Klaytn Core+ track, the metaverse and NFTs track, the DAO track, the Fi+ track, and the Public Goods track. 
  • There will also be a set of Sponsors’ Challenges, each with a unique challenge brief.

The metaverse is undoubtedly the future of digital. To build the infrastructure for a collaborative Web3, Klaytn will couple its vibrant community with powerful infrastructure technologies to discover new opportunities and drive mass adoption of decentralization. 

Together with organizing partner DoraHacks and an illustrious list of supporting partners from the Web3 space, Klaytn will be holding its flagship global hackathon, Klaymakers22. It will start from 29 Aug to 30 Sep 2022 and offer more than $1 million across a prize pool of $300,000, sponsored challenge prizes, grant funding, and incubation opportunities.

What is Klaymakers22 Hackathon, and how to participate?

Klaymakers22 aims to bring together tech-savvy developers, entrepreneurs, designers, and whoever with a passion for blockchain technology and the metaverse to express ambitions, submit projects, and test startup ideas. Additionally, the hackathon intends to promote the Klaytn ecosystem and startup community and launch promising projects.

Klaymakers22 features five tracks and special sponsored challenges

The one-month hackathon introduces five tracks in different crypto sectors, for which teams will create open-source solutions. The details of the five tracks are as follows. 

  • The Klaytn Core+ track is for developers interested in driving improvement and building toolings on the Klaytn core protocol.
  • The Metaverse and NFTs track is open to developers interested in building use cases and toolings in the metaverse and NFTs to support the growth of the Klaytn ecosystem in these aspects.
  • The DAO track is for developers interested in DAO use cases or its supporting toolings on the Klaytn ecosystem to drive the growth of community use cases on the Klaytn ecosystem.
  • The Fi+ track accepts projects in building use cases and supporting toolings of any Fi+ fields (e.g., DeFi, GameFi, MetaFi, SocialFi, etc.) on the Klaytn ecosystem.
  • The Public Goods track invites developers to create use cases and toolings for the Klaytn ecosystem that could make a difference in improving public difficulties. Topics include but are not limited to climate change, pollution, war, oppression, economic inequality, fake news, etc.

Apart from the five tracks mentioned above, there will be a set of special Sponsors’ Challenges, each with its own unique challenge brief. 

How to participate

Registration for the Hackathon begins on 10 August 2022. The event will be running from August 29 to September 30, 2022. The prize pool includes cash prizes of $300,000, sponsored challenge prizes, grant funding, and incubation opportunities totaling over $1 million.

It is worth noting that registrants will gain access to online workshops to learn the basics of building on Klaytn and get briefings on sponsor challenges. These workshops will be available for on-demand viewing after they are held. However, only attending live will give registrants the benefit of participating in the Q&A session for each workshop.

As an additional perk, the first 200 registered teams will also receive $50 worth of AWS credit when they submit their Klaymakers22 build on the Dorahacks submission platform.

You can find out more and register for the hackathon via this link, or you can contact the Klaytn team for assistance via Discord.

Why should Web3 devs be interested in building on Klaytn?

Klaytn is EVM-equivalent with support of Ethereum equivalence

Building on Klaytn can bring projects numerous benefits. First, Klaytn is not just EVM-compatible; it is EVM-equivalent with support of Ethereum equivalence, meaning any tooling that runs on Ethereum can run seamlessly within the Klaytn ecosystem. Similarly, any tooling created for Klaytn can be reciprocally adopted for Ethereum.

As an EVM Layer 1 blockchain, Klaytn designed its infrastructure to be practical, efficient, and reliable. The Klaytn EVM environment supports equivalent Opcodes and stack logic to guarantee equivalent execution behavior. Additionally, a set of JSON-RPC APIs with equivalent endpoint payload syntax ensures full Ethereum interfacing equivalence.

Klaytn strives to maximize compatibility with Ethereum. It allows users to migrate most Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) to Klaytn and vice versa for Klaytn Improvement Proposals (KIPs).

Klaytn is the blockchain for the metaverse. 

In the future metaverse, users crave a highly immersive and interactive experience. This requires outstanding performance from the underlying technology of the Metaverse, which Klaytn can provide.

With as high as 4,000 TPS real-world throughput and extremely low transaction latency, Klaytn creates a speedy user experience akin to Web2. Thanks to such performance, Klaytn brings immutability and instant finality to transactions. Another obvious advantage of using Klaytn is that it requires 90% cheaper gas than Ethereum.

Lastly, the all-encompassing Klaytn ecosystem is ready to provide all the conditions for metaverse projects to flourish. These include but are not limited to the following.

  • Built-in L2 solutions with ServiceChain
  • Software development kits
  • Wallets
  • Oracles
  • Chain explorers
  • Bridges
  • DAOs
  • NFT marketplaces

Final words

The Klaytn ecosystem is ushering in high-quality projects from various web3 sectors. For example, Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is a mobile MMORPG based on Level 5 and Studio Ghibli IP. Launched in May 2022 on MBX, Netmarble’s blockchain platform built on Klaytn, the game has seen massive global success in both sales and popularity. Furthermore, over 1,800 Klaytn-based NFT projects are available on OpenSea. Klaytn’s top 100 projects have a total trading volume of 10,800 ETH.

The Klaymakers22 hackathon is just one recent example of the commitment and outreach that the network has initiated. The hackathon will work to expand innovation and training to those who have a passion for entering the metaverse.

Klaymakers22 is now open for registration via this link, and the Klaytn team is ready to assist through Discord.

To find out more about Klaytn and Klaymakers22:

Klaytn Foundation

Developer Portal





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