Kings of Leon Sells Lifetime NFT Fan Tickets for $441.963

Kings of Leon

Album NFT and artworks selling like hot cakes

Four NFT auctions for lifetime front row seats at every Kings of Leon concert around the world have been auctioned for a total of 241.51 ETH or $441.963. In addition, the rock band sold digital artworks as NFTs, adding another $414.831 to their NFT earnings. 

Through their blockchain partner Yellow Heart, the rock band sold several limited and open editions of simple artworks. On top of that, they are selling a new album as an NFT as well. Currently, almost 4000 have been sold for approximately $60 each, and that NFT sale will go on until March 19th. 

The band auctioned four golden tickets, giving each of the token holders four, lifetime front row seats at every Kings of Leon tour. In addition, these super fans would get other benefits, including the possibility to hang out with the band themselves. The top auction sold for 89 ETH, or $161.930.

However, there’s something odd. Two artwork NFTs, Cherry Echo and Cherry Bolt, sold 98 and 384 prints to fans respectively. However, one wallet received 2100 copies of these same NFTs without paying a dime. It’s unknown whether the wallet is owned by the band, or whether someone abused a malfunction in a smart contract and managed to print artworks before the sale went live. 

See the suspicious wallet in the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker.

NFT collectibles increasingly popular

Kings of Leon isn’t the first music artist to dip their toes into the NFT waters. Rapper Soulja Boy dropped NFT art on Rarible. In addition DJs like Deadmau5, 3LAU, and Carl Cox have collaborated on one or more digital artworks. 

In January the biggest NFT marketplaces were good for a total of $71 million. One month later that number quadrupled to more than $342 million. NBA Top Shot, which offers digital collectibles based on NBA players and matches, was responsible for 67% of that. 

That amount has only been increasing in the past few days. According to the DappRadar NFT Marketplaces charts the top five marketplaces have been good for more than $512 million in the past 30 days. Top sales include collections like CryptoPunks, Autoglyph, Hashmasks, and art by Beeple. While Sorare, Rarible, and Art Blocks also join that list when it comes down to the total volume. 

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