Kinetix Integrates AI into its DeFi Services

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DeFi for mass market purposes, fuelled by AI services

DeFi platform Kinetix has announced the use of AI in its services, introducing the AI co-pilot. Users can now interact with an artificial intelligence to receive real-time information, get support utilizing the platform or to execute trades. 

As a DeFi platform Kinetix already offers sophisticated features, such as their V3 decentralized exchange and their V2 perpetual exchange. These features improve for example liquidity management, while giving users the ability to trade perpetuals with up to 50x leverage. 

However, the introduction of AI brings a whole new dimension of next generation technology into the picture. The Kinetix DeFi hub now has an integrated AI-powered co-pilot, which can assist users in their DeFi journey. The AI can answer queries, or provide real-time information. In addition it can help users to navigate the hub, while it can also execute trades for the user. 

These developments can’t be seen separately from other recent partnerships by Kinetix. Late May the DeFi hub announced a partnership with Steer Protocol, which brings automated liquidity management to the table. In addition, earlier this June they revealed a partnership with Sphere One, which creates AI agents that can tap and utilize various DeFi services. 

The third wave of DeFi

Kinetix has placed its focus of growth on the next generation of DeFi: AI-powered applications. These AI tools can assist users or even automate complex actions and strategies. Kinetix is working to enlist sophisticated strategy engines, bots, and LLMs (Large Language Models) for simplified research, order execution, and platform navigation. They see AI as the third wave for the DeFi sector. 

DeFi really kicked off in the summer of 2020 with the introduction of decentralized exchanges, lending platforms and automated market makers. This paved the way for the dapp market as we know it today. The second wave of DeFi flourished thanks to Layer-2 networks, sidechains and rollups, putting scalability at the center of it all. 

The third wave of DeFi is all about the ease of operation. DeFi has always been complex and demanding, with steep learning curves. However, LLMs and other user-friendly tools now allow users to use complex trading platforms. This then gives DeFi the opportunity to attract a bigger market, attracting both Web3 natives and mass market newcomers.

4 Key features on Kinetix that will use AI

  • AI Companion – Kinetix leverages a cutting-edge LLM to provide users with a specialized AI agent that taps into each Kinetix dapp. It also provides answers to users queries and questions by consolidating information from publicly available documentation. Furthermore, Kinetix’s AI agent can execute simple actions from prompts, including swaps and other platform functions.
  • Real-Time News Feed Kinetix will feature an up-to-the-minute news feed powered and curated by leading AI technology. Kinetix users will receive the latest and most relevant market events and data on a scrolling display without ever leaving the platform.
  • Trading Bots – Kinetix will also provide access to a series of tested trading bots that optimize trade execution, protect against MEV, and ensure first-rate price points and liquidity levels for prime market entry and exit.
  • Strategy Hub – The Kinetix Strategy Hub will feature a list of high-performance trading strategies for users to choose from. With a single click, users will be able to enlist a bot to begin executing any available trading strategy on their behalf. Strategies will include but are not limited to arbitrage operations, delta-neutral yield plays, and other alpha-maximizing strategies for LPs.

Kinetix overview

The DeFi industry saw its total value locked reach new heights with $192 billion in industry-wide value locked into the sector. Kinetix has over $22 million in total value locked across its DEX and perpetual services. In the past month alone, Kinetix services over 19,000 active wallets, which were responsible for a total trading volume of $1.7 billion. 

Kinetix is active on Kava and Base. Currently DappRadar does not track data on the Kava blockchain, which is part of the Cosmos ecosystem.

Closing words

While the market is moving more towards mass acceptance, and is paving the way for mass adoption, Kinetix is looking forward to the future of DeFi. Leveraging AI, they make their tools available and accessible for a bigger audience. Add their upcoming KAI token launch and airdrop into the mix, and Kinetix Finance quickly turning into one of the DeFi projects to watch in the coming months. 

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