Kalamint Brings Tezos to Top NFT Collections


The first Tezos-based collection to make it into the DappRadar Top NFT Charts

Kalamint, a Tezos-based NFT minting platform and collection, has broken new ground on DappRadar with its debut in the Top NFT Collections. This is the first Tezos-based NFT collection to make an appearance, as Kalamint saw a 737% boost in volume in the past 24 hours, bringing the total to over $54,000. 

Currently, the Kalamint collection ranks at 53rd place in the 24-hour ranking. While this might not look like an impressive achievement in terms of position, the important point here is that Tezos is now entering the NFT race. 

While Hic et Nunc is already a recognizable name in the NFT marketplaces space, Tezos has not yet brought an NFT collection forward that can reach the charts. Kalamint is the first instance in which a Tezos-based collection is featured in this DappRadar ranking. 

The Kalamint collection also saw a significant boost in activity over the past several days. According to DappRadar data, the dapp recorded a 27% increase in volume, and processed 29% more transactions.

Kalamint, Hic et Nunc and NFTs on Tezos

Tezos is an extremely user-friendly blockchain that facilitates fast and cheap transactions. Kalamint and Hic et Nunc both rely on this to attract users, and specifically NFT artists who are just starting out in the crypto world.

Kalamint’s main use case is to allow new artists to push their NFTs to a wider public. Unlike Hic et Nunc however, Kalamint does not boast cheap artworks as one of its benefits. On the contrary, the marketplace has a rigorous artist selection process, which only allows approved creators to mint NFTs on the platform.

Considering this, the prices for Kalamint NFTs are generally higher than those on Hic et Nunc. This is also the reason why the collection has managed to reach the Top NFT Collections charts on DappRadar.

NFTs are definitely a hot topic right now, as demand is rising and new collections are surfacing by the minute. Visibly this trend is spreading across all blockchains, not only Ethereum. Tezos is still an infant in this regard, but Kalamint’s performance in the past 24 hours indicates that there is potential for NFT creators and collectors there as well.

DappRadar will continue monitoring Kalamint’s development, as Tezos becomes more established in the NFT space. Stay tuned, and if you want to find out more about NFTs on Tezos, check out the links below.

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