Justin Bieber Splurged on a BAYC NFT for $1.31 Million

Justin Bieber Splurged on a BAYC NFT for $1.31 Million
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The music star purchased BAYC #3001 for a price much above the floor

Justin Bieber has made it to the headlines again, with a massive BAYC purchase worth $1.31 million. The musician now owns BAYC #3001; however, this is not his first NFT purchase. His portfolio holds 1517 NFTs worth over $570.000.

It might seem surprising that the net worth value is so low. However, the estimated value of BAYC #3001 is nowhere near what Justing Bieber paid. According to the DappRadar NFT Value Estimator, this NFT should sell for something closer to $262,238. In turn, the total NFT worth in Bieber’s vault amounts to about half of what he paid for a single Bored Ape.

This is only the second time BAYC #3001 switched owners since it was first minted. Impressively, the previous sale was for 0.24 ETH, or about $620. This is a hefty gain for the seller, in just nine months.

Of course, the Bored Ape Yacht Club has had a tremendous development, especially in the second half of 2021. Currently, the floor price for a BAYC NFT sits at 116.9 ETH, or about $298,476

A deeper look at Justin Bieber’s portfolio

Aside from the recently purchased BAYC #3001, Justin Bieber has a relatively extensive portfolio of NFTs. Notably, a lot of these tokens were transferred to the singer’s wallet free of charge, possibly from fans or creators looking to give their project some clout. Still, exploring with the DappRadar NFT Portfolio Tracker shows that Bieber has ventured into other collections himself. 

The star has two CloneX NFTs, two Doodles NFTs, one Mutant Ape, and several InBetweeners NFTs. While BAYC #3001 is the most expensive NFT in Bieber’s wallet, it seems he is not shying away from investing in other collections as well. 

In terms of DeFi, his holdings are limited to Ethereum. The singer also has JACY and DOG tokens, probably sent by fans. Still, the Bieber vault holds 339.77 ETH at the time of writing, worth close to $900.000.

DappRadar will continue monitoring Justin Bieber’s wallet, as it looks like the star is all geared up for more NFT purchases. To find out more celebrity wallets and track other VIP portfolios, check out the DappRadar Celebrities page. Additionally, you can follow DappRadar on Twitter to get the latest NFT news first.

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