Julian Assange Teams Up with Pak on new NFT Collection

julian assange pak nft collection

The ‘Censored’ NFT Project will drop on February 7th

Infamous whistleblower and Wikileaks creator Julian Assange has teamed up with crypto artist Pak on an exclusive NFT project called Censored. The NFT collection will include two 1/1 editions and will become available on February 7th. 

Interestingly, Censored will feature one open edition NFT, which will change based on community participation. This is Pak’s second open edition release after he successfully concluded sales on his Merge NFT project. What’s more, Pak is among the most successful crypto artists at the moment. He makes it into DappRadar’s Top NFT Sales charts regularly. 

Julian Assange has not officially made the jump into NFTs before this announcement. However, this collaboration makes a lot of sense. Pak is among the most revolutionary artists of the day. At the same time, Assange aims to shine a light on international affairs and political problems through WikiLeaks. Details about the contents and ideas of the Censored collection have not been revealed. However, considering the two partners in crime, it will definitely attract attention. 

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks 

WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange came to the international spotlight in 2010. Back then, the website released thousands of documents leaked from the United States Army intelligence. These documents detailed numerous of the most controversial military actions taken by the US army in their missions in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Because of the sensitive information leaked in these documents, the United States launched an extensive pursuit in order to extradite Assange. Currently, the whistleblower serves a prison sentence in the United Kingdom, while constantly launching appeals with the US Supreme Court to cease extradition procedures. 

Considering the peculiar situation Assange finds himself in, it will be interesting to see more about the Censored project. Pak is pioneering the open edition phenomenon in the crypto space, while Assange has been in the spotlight for years now. An interesting collaboration is guaranteed with two people of this caliber. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the NFT space for the latest collaborations and project releases. To learn the latest news surrounding Pak and the ‘Censored’ project, follow DappRadar on Twitter. Additionally, you can check out DappRadar PRO, giving you access to the most up-to-date stats on NFT sales and project performance. 

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