Join XPLA Airdrop and Contribute to Building the Web3 Entertainment

Join XPLA Airdrop and Contribute to Building the Web3 Entertainment

XPLA is the Web3 digital media content hub

XPLA Chain is an open-source blockchain with a vibrant ecosystem of dapps and top-tier developer tools. It aims to provide the necessary infrastructure for Web3’s entertainment industry. Between October 26 and November 13, XPLA is running an airdrop for its native tokens, also dubbed XPLA.

Digitalization has fundamentally changed modern people’s lifestyles, and this is especially true with entertainment. According to Allied Market Research, the online entertainment market size was estimated at $183.1 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach $652.5 billion by

2027, with a CAGR of 20.82% from 2021 to 2027.

Of these staggering numbers, a large portion will be from Web3 projects. This is because, in the Web2 era, users cannot control their own online data, which brings problems such as privacy leaking, abuse of personal data, and so on.

Web3 guarantees your ownership of your data, assets, and digital identity and safeguards your data privacy. And many projects are working towards improving Web3, including XPLA, the infrastructure builder of Web3 digital media content.

As a user, you can now participate in XPLA’s coin airdrop, become an early contributor to this decentralized network and get rewards for doing so.


What is XPLA?

Built by Metamagnet with its main partner, the Com2uS Group, XPLA is the next-generation network dedicated to decentralizing online entertainment content. XPLA stands for Explore and Play. 

As a Cosmos-powered, entertainment-oriented Layer-1 network, XPLA provides a unique infrastructure to bridge Web2 and Web3 services. The ecosystem endeavors to foster Web3 games, art, music, and dapps based on community-driven feedback from users. 


XPLA evolved from C2X, a blockchain gaming platform also built by Metamagnet. After the launch of XPLA, C2X will continue to exist as a gaming platform living on the XPLA mainnet. The network will furthermore serve as a hub for any third-party studio to build games and create media content.

A vibrant ecosystem is already thriving on the C2X platform. Games available for experience include Chromatic Souls, Summoners War, Kritika Global, and more coming soon.


Before Web3, big companies largely controlled entertainment content. But things will be different in Web3. The hope is that ownership will shift from platforms to creators who actually produce the content.

Furthermore, Web3 will create a new incentive model for both entertainers and their fans. 

XPLA has laid a solid foundation for the above to become a reality. The network has also partnered with various teams in the entertainment industry, including Rainbowbridge World, WYSIWYG Studios, My Music Taste, and more.


XPLA also already has a native metaverse on-chain in the development stage. Developed by Com2uS, Com2Verse is a massive, all-encompassing metaverse platform. It highly reproduces real living as it is in the virtual world. As real-world socializing, culture, and economy are being transferred to the digital world, users can now come to Com2Verse and craft their ideal virtual living space.

What is the XPLA coin?

XPLA  is the XPLA Chain’s native coin. XPLA fulfills the purposes of governance and staking.

Since the XPLA Chain is a proof-of-stake blockchain, it adopts a staking process to facilitate its consensus. Staking is the process of bonding XPLA to a validator in exchange for staking rewards.

Governance is the democratic process that allows users and validators to govern the development and operations of the XPLA Chain. Community members submit, vote, and implement proposals. Each community member can have voting power equal to the ratio of the amount that one stakes. One staked XPLA is equal to one vote.

Joining the XPLA’s airdrop allows users to participate early in this blockchain and reap more benefits.

How to join the airdrop?

Between October 26 to November 13, a total of 43,000 XPLA will be airdropped to lucky 3,100 winners, and the details of how you can also become one of the winners can be found below.

Download and install XPLA Vault to participate

XPLA Vault is the standard wallet used to manage all of the tokens and the NFTs in the XPLA ecosystem.

While XPLA just launched their Genesis Block at the end of August, XPLA has executed important partnerships over the course of 2022 and already boasts more than six solid projects on-chain.

No one can predict how high the price of XPLA may rise, but it is certainly worth considering, especially as the gas fees of major Layer-1 networks remain high and crypto gaming continues to grow. It’s an opportunity to diversify your crypto portfolio while earning a decent return.

Download XPLA Vault:

iOS | AOS | Chrome | Web | Chrome | Firefox

Complete the tasks

  • Visit the XPLA website
  • Follow the XPLA Twitter account
  • Retweet XPLA’s tweet
  • Post a tweet with #XPLA
  • Follow XPLA’s medium account
  • Join XPLA’s official telegram group chat
  • Follow C2X’s Twitter account
  • Download XPLA Vault and submit the address
  • *Make sure you submit the correct address or otherwise you won’t receive the airdrop even if you have won.
  • Solve simple quiz
  • Invite one of your friends

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